On Wednesday, 3rd August, the Academic Council of Delhi University sanctioned the introduction of a Competence Enhancement Scheme, to be operational from early 2023. This move has the potential to share DU’s academic knowledge and proficiency with students of other universities and also interested individuals.

The scheme has been developed under the guidelines of NEP. DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh said, “Along with implementing the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) from the academic year 2022-23, the university will also launch the Competence Enhancement Scheme to fulfill the objectives of the NEP.”

Scheme Layout

This unique scheme is set to offer students the chance to study one or two courses in a semester without enrolling in any DU course. It is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students of other universities, and also to people eager to upgrade skills, knowledge, or qualifications given the ever-evolving nature of workplaces and business.

With each course laying out its own requirements, anybody who meets the minimum eligibility criteria can sign up for a course. Selection is to be done based on merit, and a potential candidate can register for a maximum of two courses or eight credits in a semester.

Before enrolling he or she needs to procure a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the parent institution or university.

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The number of seats allowed under this scheme is a maximum of 10% of the total class strength of the particular course. A certificate of completion will be awarded, and the student’s earned credits will be transferred to their account in the Academic Bank of Credit.


According to DU VC Yogesh Singh, the purpose of this novel scheme is to boost the efficiency and drive of individuals by opening academic doors to them. He also added that people who failed to realize their literary dreams during their student days due to economic constraints can also enroll in the scheme.

Mr. Singh said, “Under this scheme, entrepreneurs will be able to increase their business graph by acquiring new skills/technology. Likewise, the study of management courses will improve the managerial skills of the lower/middle-level management employees.”

He also added that learning with young and energetic students will uplift the confidence of working individuals who wish to acquire knowledge in DU. “This scheme will lead to effective utilization of the resources of the university for the benefit of the people in a big way,” he said.

The scheme is beneficial for people deprived of higher education and interested to cultivate themselves academically. This may be a good start towards bridging the knowledge gap that pervades the country even in this age.

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