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It has been more than 4 decades since this pivotal moment in the history of music and civilization took place. This was an underdog. No one expected it too be as big as it was. Ask your grand-dad about this, and see his face light up. Over the years, he has gained experience, and wisdom, but this special moment he cherishes till did. The memory of THREE DAYS OF PEACE AND MUSIC. I’m talking about Woodstock. The 4 days that changed everything. That made stars. That gave the generation hope, and definition. The pure celebration of life, and music. The free concert held in Bethel New York, in a private 600 acre property. It was the time that changed the times to come.


The times were a changin’ and nothing would be the same anymore. The young were being mercilessly sent to the slaughterhouse of NAM. The war was a reason enough for these meth inhaling, mind expanding generation to step into their socks and talk about a revolution. It was not just a fad. It was hope, and belief. Of being heard, and being mattered, contributing to something big. And what better way than a tambourine, long hair and a good ol’ 6-string? This was the reason for Woodstock. Now Woodstock is not like your ordinary concerts where you don’t mind paying a fortune to see your favourite musician elegantly and conveniently lip sync on stage. Woodstock was fire. of burning desire, fuelled by rage and inquisitiveness of a generation based on the paradigm of goodwill. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone wanted to be a part of it. How it felt to just not care anymore and pick up a pair of baby blue sunglasses and slip into nothingness, yet completeness in a magical mystery tour van. So Woodstock was not like your ideal concerts.

To start with, Woodstock was free. Yeah that’s right. It’s hard to believe that the blood sucking music producers and record company labels actually let it happen. It was the reason why everyone wants to play the guitar. Why Jimi first picked up a guitar, or Keith Moon first sacked the drumsticks. It was like you were a child again. The lineup would make you cry. The Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, The Who, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Carlos Santana, Mountain, Creedence Clearwater, our own Ravi Shankar (who played through the rain) and the awe inspiring Jimi Hendrix and the experience.


Now when I look at todays music and how they try to imitate Woodstock (that’s right im talking to you Bonaroo!) I cant help but laugh. You just cant do a few things. You cant be the first man to set feet on the moon again, you cant Remake the Great escape, and you surely cant recreate Woodstock. It was one of those special moments when even God himself wouldn’t have minded to get a bit high ;)

Here is a playlist of some great songs of the Woodstock era that you better listen to :-


1. Bobby mcdee – Janis Joplin

2. Soul Sacrifice – Santana

3. Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix

4. Turn on your Love light – Grateful Dead

5. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane



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