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Music Apps That Can Be Used Without Internet Or Wi-Fi


To some of us, music is the most important thing ever, wherein going even a day without it is unbearable.

We go through hours searching and listening to various artists, trying out different recommendations, playing those few chosen songs on loop till we get sick of them eventually and more.

Our earphones are probably our most treasured item and our playlists have a wide range of songs ranging from the cringy and clichéd songs to ones that are your absolute favourites.

But in the midst of all this, the one thing that most such people look for are music apps that allow you to stream music without needing any Wi-Fi or net data.

music app

This is something extremely difficult to find, but in lieu of making things easier for all music listeners, here are 5 music apps that you can use in offline mode too:


Pandora is not a very popular app that many know about but it is a pretty good music app that lets you listen to music in offline mode too.

The app allows you to stream and download a wide variety of songs, the downloading however will require internet, but once done, you can easily listen to your playlists and use the app even without it.


Gaana music app is one of the more popular ones in India and has a pretty decent sized collection of music in it.

Although the app is easy to use and work, the offline format works only if you have the Gaana Plus subscription that allows you to not only download unlimited songs to your device but also sync them across 5 different devices.

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This is a relatively unknown kind of music app, however, is great to listen to and find new and upcoming music.

The unique feature of this app is that you can listen to playlists created by other people too, thus widening your music circle and allowing you to listen to artists you would not necessarily come across on your own.

music app

The app also has a radio feature which is not all that bad.

Spinnr Music

Spinnr Music is another music streaming app that lets you download and sync your existing music with it so that you can enjoy your songs without the trouble of any internet.

Although you need to create an account to log into the app or use your Facebook account, the app is not that difficult to use. The feature of offline plays where you can download the songs from the app and listen to them anytime is pretty good too.

Google Play Music

If all else fails, then Google Play Music is actually not a bad option to go for. Not only will it automatically sync your already downloaded music on the device to it but you can even browse through the app when offline and listen to songs without much hassle.

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