R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics (Autonomous), after commemorating 80+ years of service to education, is presenting the 13th version of MONETA® 2022 – “Endorse. Elevate. Elucidate” from January 17 to January 21, 2023.

MONETA®, powered by National Stock Exchange, is India’s largest financial market-based event and it is inviting all undergraduate colleges and schools to its 13th edition. In keeping with the motto “Endorse.Elevate.Elucidate” the goal of MONETA® is to promote financial literacy and awareness of the financial landscape. A number of activities will be held throughout the course of these 5 days, to provide participants with entertaining yet instructive knowledge about the financial world.

The National Stock Exchange powers “Bullring,” a flagship event of MONETA®. Using the NSE-provided software, you can simulate the experience of being an investor.

‘Legit’ is a law-based event in which contestants are assessed on their understanding of law through a moot court.

In events such as ‘Big brand theory’, participants are tasked with acing their marketing game. The responsibility of brand promotion and advertising presents them with challenges.

Do you want to take on the role of an insurance inspector? The focus of “Policy Prophecy” is on managing the responsibilities of a person who assesses risks, counsels on premium costs, terms, and conditions, and offers suggestions for risk reduction; and, in the context of marine insurance, a person who assesses or reviews losses on behalf of the insured. This event is designed towards actuarial aficionados.

At the Bizarre Quiz event, you’ll be quizzed on your knowledge of business-related topics from the past to the present, from India and beyond.

As part of its social responsibility activities, MONETA® has introduced a programme called “MONETA® for Schools” to educate children about personal finance.

To engage young minds and better their understanding of personal finance, unique events like “Making Cents with Sense,” “Think Inside the Box,” and “Tosses of Destiny” have been curated.

Team MONETA® 2022 is prepared to leave the virtual setup this year, following a two-year sabbatical and it aims to communicate the need for financial literacy with greater enthusiasm and dedication by conducting a variety of engaging events, speaker sessions, and panel discussions.

MONETA® 2022 is ready to welcome educational institutions and prospective students from across India!

The registration pages are now open. For further information, please visit https://www.podarmoneta.in/.

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