Models have been spending time during this quarantine period by working out, sharing engaging videos with their fans, talking to them, doing Instagram lives showcasing their talent, learning new skills and what not.

Model Abhishek Agrawal recently took to Instagram to post-workout plans and videos for his fans. When he is not doing that, he is seen wearing a black onesie, enjoying Netflix and binge-watching all the classics in his recent post.

From his social posts, it is evident that the model is spending his quarantine positively. However, he is not letting the gyms shutting down factor affect his health. Starting from the home workout, cooking, cleaning, reading and enjoying Netflix, he’s doing it all.

He also announced his upcoming plan on opening a YouTube channel on men’s lifestyle, tech and workout videos. His recent story on Instagram was a list of classic books to read this quarantine. Take a cue from the model himself and take this time not to venture outside but pick up that book that has been on your reading list forever.

He also insisted on his social media that the best practice right now is to stay at home and maintain hygiene. Coronavirus has taken center stage in the lives of all humans around the world.

We can only wish the world to heal so that we all get back to our lives as soon as possible.

Images: Model’s own

Sources: Instagram

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