Watch: Marathi Films That Are A Must Watch During This Lockdown

The Marathi version of the lockdown list!

Lockdown is on, you cannot go out and you can only work for so long. Apart from excercising, experimenting in the kitchen or any other hobby you might have taken up, one must also get entertained. 

And with theatres closed and most of the shows on hold, OTT platforms are our saviour, giving us an unlimited library of movies and shows that we could possibly watch in one lifetime. 

However, having been searching quite a lot, I’ve found my new favourite genre, Marathi films. Regional cinema has any way been growing quite a lot. And with almost all the Marathi movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime having subtitles, the language barrier has never been smaller.

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They are such a refreshing change from the absolute garbage that Bollywood has been coming out for quite some time and certainly makes you think why these movies are not earning 300-500 crores. 

So with everyone in lockdown and nowhere to go, here are some amazing Marathi movies that are a must watch while stuck at home.

Let us know in the comments below which ones you liked. And feel free to leave your own recommendations below too.

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