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Mister ImmoGmBH’s Managing Director, Sandro J. Stadelmann brings innovation with an online coaching program for real estate agents in Austria and Germany


Innovation has been of utmost importance if you want to grow your business. Nowadays, every business relies on digital media which has sparked in the last few years. The real estate sector is a promising career to make good money, and through digital means, Sandro J. Stadelmann is changing the game in Austria. Following the latest trends, and taking the full advantage of the internet; his company Mister Immo GmbH is a pioneer in the real estate sector. Mr Stadelmann’s company majorly deals in selling premium and luxurious apartments in Austria. 

The real estate expert is currently living in Wien, Österreich in Austria. He has always believed to offer the best services, and his company is rightly imparting the best knowledge about the real estate sector to all aspiring agents. With formal training as a state licensed real estate trustee, he is an academic real estate manager. Founded in 2017, he has taken Mister Immo GmbH to greater heights. In 3 years, the entrepreneur has not just made a massive network of real estate experts but has also made some wise investments.

Mr Sandro has an optimistic work of approach, and his creativity is what makes him stand apart from all. Just like every field, innovation is the need in the real estate sector as well. “I am speaking from an experience of more than 12 years in the construction and real estate industry. Innovation is all about strategizing and executing new things, and that’s an important aspect to stay unique from your contemporaries”, says the businessman. 

Well, his company is one of its kind as it began with a unique real estate online program. Through this program, many budding real estate experts, agents and brokers are educated and trained properly. With this exclusive program, Sandro J. Stadelmann has hit two targets at one go. He has not just succeeded in building a network of real estate agents across Austria, but he has also marketed Mister Immo GmbH as a unique real estate company in the country. Besides expanding the real estate business in the German-speaking area, the entrepreneur is planning to venture into digital marketing and influencer management soon. 

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