Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of, is a prominent entrepreneur and thought leader known for his insightful perspectives on business and workforce dynamics.

In a recent discussion, Mittal shared his candid views on Generation Z, a cohort often criticised for being spoiled, entitled, and challenging to work with. His reflections offer a nuanced understanding of how this new generation is both influencing and being shaped by the modern workplace.

 Challenging Traditional Work Norms

Mittal notes that when people imagine the Gen Z workforce, they often picture young professionals with a strong preference for remote work, an intense focus on work-life balance, and a desire for numerous, often elaborate, workplace perks. These expectations are reshaping company policies and causing businesses to either adapt or resist vehemently. 

Companies face a dilemma: should they accommodate these demands or uphold traditional workplace norms?” Mittal asks. Both approaches come with significant costs and implications. He stresses that these demands are not just whims but stem from a genuine desire for a more balanced and fulfilling professional life.

The Core of Professional Success

Mittal emphasises that, regardless of generational shifts, the ability to deliver results remains at the heart of professional success. “As Gen Z becomes a more prominent part of the workforce, they will inevitably face the same fundamental expectations that have governed workplace success for generations,” he explains. 

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The principles of commitment, discipline, and hard work are as relevant today as they have always been since the onset of industrialisation and blue-collar jobs. While Gen Z may initially benefit from a job market eager to accommodate their preferences, Mittal believes the enduring expectations will always be their ability to deliver on their responsibilities.

Balancing Innovation with Time-Tested Values

Embracing flexibility, innovation, and new ways of thinking is vital for any evolving workplace, Mittal acknowledges. “Every generation brings a fresh perspective, challenging the status quo and pushing for change,” he says.

However, it’s crucial for companies to integrate these new approaches without losing sight of their core values and goals. 

Industries and individual company cultures differ, and a one-size-fits-all approach to accommodating Gen Z’s expectations can be detrimental. For Gen Z professionals aiming for leadership and success, Mittal advises adopting the timeless values of hard work, commitment, and discipline alongside their innovative spirit.

Generation Z is undeniably influencing the modern workplace with their distinct preferences and expectations. While these may sometimes come across as entitled, they are driven by a desire for a more balanced and meaningful work life. However, the age-old principles of delivering results, commitment, discipline, and hard work will always be the cornerstone of professional success. 

Mittal concludes that both companies and Gen Z professionals must find a harmonious balance between innovation and these timeless values to thrive in the ever-evolving workplace landscape. “Success is built on the foundation of hard work and dedication, values that transcend generational boundaries,” says Anupam.

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