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‘Heritage Ride With Nimrat Kahlon’ Series Turns Massive Hit



Nimrat Kahlon with her recent  series ‘Heritage Ride With Nimrat Kahlon’ celebrates new age fashion in a much powerful way. Crafted with great precision the entire collection is a massive hit even when we just saw it’s teaser as we bid adieu to the year 2020. Nimrat Kahlon with her vision and talent  has again proved that the year 2021 belongs to her.  This entire series is done to perfection in every form be it the styling of her outfits, the backdrop played by grand heritage properties of India, or the exquisite jewellery from an ace jeweller from Patiala. What makes the collection so tempting is the amount of love weaved in every piece to make it festive, vibrant and classy. The innovative play of colors by Nimrat is what defines her style along with her intelligent choice of motifs, very precisely picked up embroidery material and well thought of silhouettes. Nimrat is not just the designer, creative owner of the label that she started just a few years back but also is the face of her recent collection that is shot at beautiful locales of Rajasthan. 

Luxuriously designed interiors of Narendra Bhavan Bikaner, hill top setting of Mundota Fort, shining sam desert of Jaisalmer, grand structure of Suryagarh of Jaisalmer, Raas haveli in the footsteps of Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur, the surroundings of  city palace and Amet Haveli of Udaipur, massive expanse of Tijara Fort of Alwar, all form part of Nimrat’s virtual tour to the  hand crafted masterpieces.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of mine which was one of my dream projects. It is special in every way as I have tried to pave a new path for my work in the sense that I just see it as a beginning to my bigger goals” asserts Nimrat. “I am currently planning to launch new concepts of fashion in Punjab. Punjabi Film Industry saw its rise 10-15 years ago but lacked in having regional designers. Recently, we have seen many new brands/designers from Punjab who are doing their bit and I wish to contribute to it copiously”, shares Nimrat on her Instagram. “We need to have actresses & designers coming on common platforms more frequently in order to bring big reforms in the fashion world in coming years”, adds Nimrat.

Check out Nimrat Kahlon’s amazing work on her Instagram – 

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