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The Inauguration, or Noah The Popstar? What’s more exciting?


The nation is anticipating the Inauguration now, which is just around the corner, but there may be something a little more exciting to put our attention towards. His name is Noah Ezekiel, better known as Noah the Popstar on YouTube Kids. This young and bolstering little man is radiating pure energy and smiles into our homes at the moment. 

Last week, Noah The Popstar, made his YouTube debut with his Christmas Road Trip vlog, and has officially hit the viral status. Because Noah’s channel started from 0 subscribers, and has been able to garnish 40K+ views at the moment, according to YouTube Experts, this miracle of view absorption is considered a viral video. It’s no wonder that media outlets are trying to get a hold of the agency and family members behind his success. 

Noah’s father was able to round up the creative vision behind the brand for Noah The Popstar, and Noah’s grandmother is currently managing all of Noah’s social media accounts. On January 10th, 2021, Noah The Popstar debuted his second video, “Noah Pretend Play Pirate – 4 Year Old Pirate” and we’re seeing steady growth. The likelihood of having two viral videos in a row is low, but the ratio from his subscribers to the views he’s generating is fascinating to watch! The Artistic Initiative Agency, who is behind the creative vision of Noah The Popstar, recently was awarded the branding agency of 2020. In the article by influential, which first broke the news of the award to the world, they state that Noah The Popstar is the Artistic Initiative’s first public case study where they want the world to witness how they take a young boy from Texas, and turn him into a global sensation. The article can be read here.

Noah The Popstar’s recent video of him role playing as a pirate, and a crew member is extremely creative. Our team here actually believes it to be more of an attention grabber than Noah’s first video, but again, the public decides what they love best, right? We’ve been informed that Noah The Popstar will be releasing some original music this month, made for children and toddlers to enjoy and sing along with.

We’re thrilled to write this piece on Noah, and urge the people of America to let go of some of the stress happening in the political sector, and remember that there’s still light hearted fun happening in our world. Let’s support Noah in his journey to YouTube fame!

You can find Noah’s YouTube channel below:

Noah The Popstar YouTube Channel

The Artistic Initiative Agency 

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