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Meet Talha Nasir, taking over the entrepreneurial world like a true blue professional


This young business gentleman manages several hats on his head, as a CEO, investor and philanthropist. 

As we notice the constant changes taking place in the world of entrepreneurship; we also come to know about the astute minds who have been acting like powerful forces, leading business industries to greater heights across the world. These individuals, especially the youngsters, are the ones who leave no stone unturned in making the most of the opportunities and turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary success stories. The name that in the recent times, making a lot of buzz in the entrepreneurial world is of Talha Nasir. This 31-year-old entrepreneur is a multiple business owner and is based in Dubai for the last six years. However, he has made his presence felt across the world with his philanthropy work as well. 

Talha Nasir serves as an inspiring example to the world that anything can be achieved in life when one works with a determined heart and mind. This self-made entrepreneur has left no stone unturned to excel at entrepreneurship with owning multiple businesses and becoming a high-performing investor. Talha Nasir is the proud owner of four ventures. One is Drive plus Rent-a-Car, which has been rising high across the UAE as a car-rental agency, offering clients the world’s best experiences of driving cars at affordable rates. 

His second business is Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café, which is all about giving the best vibe and energy to its guests, and an experience to remember for a lifetime. His third business is an energy drink manufacturing company named D1 Energy, which is also gradually becoming one of the top-rated energy drinks in the UAE industry. And, his fourth venture is Light4Life charity, where Talha Nasir serves as the Chairman. It is an international humanitarian charity organization that works relentlessly for people worldwide, providing humanitarian relief and development programmes. Apart from all this, Talha Nasir is also an astute investor who has already made investments in many other businesses in Dubai. 

Talking about being a multiple business owner, Talha Nasir highlights that the journey was not a cakewalk, but it was definitely worth it, because, throughout the process, it has given him the opportunity to learn new things each day with all his businesses, meet new people and gain more industry insights which have helped him hone his skills and become a more proficient entrepreneur and investor. 

Like any other businessman, Talha Nasir aims to expand his businesses further and hence; he wants his cafe to take centre stage and become prominent across the world, which currently he is focusing upon and also working towards opening five branches this year.

Looking at the rapid pace at which this youngster is shown progress and is creating milestones each day, we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the business game soon. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @kingtnas.

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