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MindStir Media Honored as the Best Self-Publishing Company by Kev’s Best, Penny Matters and Other Sources


 North Hampton, NH, January 17, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, MindStir Media recently earned the rating of #1 self-publishing company by Kev’s Best, a website that rates businesses based on stringent criteria. Kev’s Best chose MindStir Media to occupy the top of their list of five of the best self-publishing companies in the United States. Kev’s Best cited MindStir Media’s connection to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and a strong track record of best-sellers and notable clients as some of the reasons behind the top rating. MindStir’s book distribution also made the list, the fact that the publisher’s books reach around 30,000 wholesalers, booksellers and retailers in over 100 countries certainly played a role in the rating as well.

Penny Matters, a leading blog, also appointed MindStir Media as the best self-publishing company website. Penny Matters offers a comprehensive list of the best self-publishing websites for 2021, with MindStir perched in the #1 position. Some determining facts about MindStir Media that Penny Matters took into account: MindStir Media is a full suite company providing a broad range of self-publishing services and J.J. Hebert, the owner of the company and best-selling author, supports all of MindStir’s clients. 

California Herald praised MindStir Media as well, calling the company “one of the best self-publishing companies” and raving: “MindStir Media is the choice for you if you want to self-publish but don’t want to handle it all yourself. When you publish through MindStir Media you’ll have a complete team supporting you, including bestselling author J.J. Hebert as your mentor along the way. MindStir can also help your previously published book reach new heights through their renowned book publicity campaigns.” 

MindStir Media is even gaining recognition from international sources, including London Daily Post, a prestigious publication that stated, “If you’re looking for a trusted self-publishing company to help you create a high-quality book and thoroughly promote it, MindStir Media is an option that should sit at the top of your list. Their full range of self-publishing services can fit most budgets and you’ll be ‘in good hands,’ as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington stated in his endorsement of MindStir Media and J.J. Hebert. After all, bestselling author J.J. Hebert runs the show at MindStir Media.”

Authors can learn more and book a free consultation with the award-winning MindStir Media by going to A comprehensive self-publishing guide can also be downloaded from the publisher’s website.

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