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A One Time Store Clerk Is Disrupting the Holistic Wellness Industry



Tushar Roy, raised by a hardworking single mother used to work as a store clerk and at a gas station attendant during the early days of his life. However, he had some big plans in mind to help the world community and so decided to set up an all-new site that works as a marketplace for holistic service providers. 

New York City, January 18, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Healerly is the brainchild of Tushar Roy who was once a store clerk. He was on the lookout for some of the best holistic service providers for his mom in NYC but failed to find one. This fueled in him the desire to find the kind of site wherein people could seek the best holistic services providers in the area. This is important because given how massive a proportion this pandemic has managed to attain, there is a whopping demand for different kinds of holistic healers. While there is an abundance of people who carry out different types of holistic services, one must find the marketplace that could bridge the gap between those who offer and the ones who need it. 

One of the key spokesmen for Healerly was quoted as saying, “We know how important it is to seek the right healer with whom they could connect and handle the different problems easily. Therefore, we wanted this site to do all of this and more. We also offer free access to wellness video courses, e-books, podcasts & blogs. 

This platform has a lot to offer as they are adding different kinds of innovative features regularly. They also offer a free listing to the holistic service provider as this gives them the incentive to understand how fruitful the platform is and then decide whether to keep themselves listed there. 

This platform is mutually beneficial to both the parties as it allows them to make sure that they can find the right category of healers and at the same time, people can seek the right healer who can transform their body and allow them to get rid of the ailments and feel fresh and energetic at the same time.  

Tushar Roy currently works as Digital Product Lead in the New York City area and has executive education from Harvard Business School and MBA, MS from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ. He invests 80 to 90 hours a week in juggling between full-time work and startup. His advice to every young hard-working student or worker is to dream big and be a visionary. He believes that it does not matter where you are coming from, all that matters is where you are going. 

Those who want to know more about this platform or the magic man behind it should make it a point to visit 

About Healerly

Healerly is one of the top-rated platforms that allow people to find the best holistic services in their area. It is a common marketplace for such services and allows people to even know about events and communities that can aid them to stay well. 

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