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Mindset As A Resource For Growth In The Business World From Keenan Williams’ Perspective 


Believing in yourself, keeping focus, and being constantly motivated in what you want to achieve are key aspects to develop success at a personal or business level. Moving forward even in difficult circumstances becomes elementary, and it is precisely on these aspects that young billionaire Keenan Williams has focused his ability to grow his business.

Keenan’s mindset is a key element, but not only from the point of view of the entrepreneur but also the position of the potential customer or consumer. Considering several aspects is what has given this entrepreneur great results.

In addition to his knowledge of social networks and the ability to harness the power of these media as an element of opportunity to target the growth of his business, Keenan has made a difference in the way he markets his products.

But who is Keenan Williams? He is a 29-year-old who has embarked on an excellent career as an entrepreneur. He owns KO Elixir, a skincare products company. Keenan’s success has been built on the power of networks and the use of mentality as a key resource in reaching out in the right way.

Before his success, this young man was just another kid living his youth. However, after dropping out of school to contribute financially to his household, he began to gain experience in the sales world. Part of his working life was to affiliate marketing for a company focused on skincare products. Hence much of his experience.

Having a significant presence in social networks and due to the problem of non-payment at work, Keenan decided to go into business for himself. Although his knowledge in the skincare creams environment was not very extensive, his research on the subject allowed him to quickly advance and learn about it.

Building a strong presence

Already with a social network presence, Keenan saw an opportunity to build on a strong presence with his new venture. Before that, he worked doubly hard to get the knowledge to create the right product. Focused on a specific audience, Keenan evaluated their opportunities and began working with them.

In this way, his content was not only focused on promoting his product but going beyond that, listening to what people wanted and finding the solution to offer them from his products.

It wasn’t just selling one more skincare product out of the many on the market. It was about making that difference that would make your product stand out from the crowd. This mentality of standing out was one of the aspects that mostly catapulted the success of his company.

Quality and distinction

Keenan stresses that his priority when he started was to provide the highest quality in his product. And, above all, that it could be different. Although for many the world of beauty and skincare products was saturated. This young man saw an opportunity to make a difference there.

Mainly, because his focus was not to sell like others, but to meet the skincare needs of his potential buyers. Seeing that his products have met the goal, he remains focused on continuing to provide quality that sets him apart from the rest.

Ko Elixir’s largest customer base is women, generally a more demanding skincare audience. Therefore, the positive comments reflect that there is a differentiation in the products.

In just 6 months, Keenan’s company achieved a turnover of $1 million, which was multiplied to 2.5 million by the year. Keenan assures that this year they remain focused on reaching the 8 figures because he is dedicated to work in the strength of every aspect of his business development.

In addition to managing the company, Keenan recently started a program called Seven Figures, from which he leads people interested in starting and growing their online businesses to success. Helping them with aspects of achieving their goals. Through various classes, the program has led to students earning $250,000 in just 3 months and projecting them toward true financial freedom.

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