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USA International Covenant INC makes debut on Nasdaq, becoming the focus of global media


On August 21, 2020, USA International Covenant INC, a fund alliance organization dedicated for global investment, together with its development team, Spirit Stone, made its debut in Times Square, New York. The logo of USA International Covenant INC was looming on the huge advertising screen of Nasdaq. The scene has certainly become the center of attention for the crowds in Times Square and attracted much media attention.

As the development team, Spirit Stone has an extraordinary position. The Spirit Stone team members are originated from the Silicon Valley in the United States, and thus, they have extensive development experience in various companies including Intel and PayPal. In 2018, the company deployed its investment strategy specially in blockchain, and the Spirit Stone took up the its development part ever since.

The USA International Covenant INC (UICI Group) is headquartered in San Francisco, United States. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has manifested into a variety of businesses in multiple industries including medical, financial, real estate, hotels, automobiles, renewable energy, winery, gaming, sports, blockchain, etc. The investments have exceeded 270 high-tech industries thus far, initiated 15 project funds, and the total capital scale has exceeded 3.4 billion US dollars.

This time, USA International Covenant INC has made its debut in Nasdaq with the Spirit Stone team to demonstrate the company’s brand to the world and indicated the next investment strategy plan. There may be more important and exciting news in the future, so stay tuned!

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