May 5: Vishal Mehta, Delhi based musician and drummer of India’s biggest Indie pop band “Euphoria”, says that he also wants to play, express, and discover his own music & style as a drummer. He composes, collaborates, and also plays his own music on stage as and when he gets a chance. “Somehow, it’s not possible to get to play my own music as often as I wish, since it’s not mainstream music” – says Vishal Mehta. He says, “I remember, in 2015, when I started writing and composing my first album “ALONE”. Being a drummer, it took me 2 years to compose, write, co-produce and then finally release it on 25 July 2017. It was a very big milestone for me. The experience has been exhilarating as I gained a lot of knowledge & learning and also had a chance to collaborate with various musicians. All the artists I’ve collaborated with, have been people who inspired me in every sense and gave me an unforgettable journey while recording & releasing “ALONE”. It still feels like a dream.”

The album features 7 songs and the artists who played the songs are Nabam Takar (Guitars), Bharti Gupta (Vocals), Deepak Aggarwal (Bass), Anil Chawla (Keys) to name a few, and Vishal on Drums. Then, again in 2019, he came up with another single – GUFTAGU featuring Aishwarya Anand (Vocals), Ashish (Guitar), Deepak (Bass), and Vishal on Drums.

He says, “When you do perform your own music as a solo artist, it becomes the definite medium through which you present your own songs and it becomes important to you. Also, the very important aspect here is that the music; either an album or single is not literally coming from a composer/writer, but a drummer. So, the entire perspective is different. This created a lot of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness in people who wanted to see how a drummer (musician) could come up with his own music and can also acknowledge his/her music.

Vishal says, “Having released both, an Album (ALONE) & Single (GUFTAGU), on the digital platform, I feel that this medium is really a blessing for independent artists and as satisfying as it can be. Though, the problem now was how to release my album/song as I did not have the support of being backed up by any big company or, so to say! So I did release my album & single… both under the label “Vishal Mehta Live” and in a way it did work for me”.

“Vishal Mehta Live” is now the name of his own set up too which he plays for. He also shares, “I strongly feel, digital media is the very important medium which helps us to reach out to fans and helps independent artists gain popularity. Due to all this, I now proudly share, that I am coming out with my Second EP/ALBUM – “ONLY YOU”, in January 2021.

I collaborated with three important artists in this coming album, Ashok Roy who is also a dear friend & a bass player from Bombay, Peter Szendőfi – Master Drummer from Hungary, Budapest, and last but not least Nilanjana from Calcutta who sang the whole album. I would like to thank everyone for listening to my music and for their patronage.


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