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Meet Teji Johal, raring to be at the top with his pure talent as a Punjabi Pop music star


His strong will and tenacity to grow the Punjabi Pop music and Bhangra scene is inspiring the young generation to follow their dreams.

Dreams always seem to appear big when we are young and do not even have the slightest idea of how we can set out in the outside world with our love and passion of what we aim to become. In Indian households, most of the parents want to see their children settled with a high-paying job and continue to live that way all their lives, failing to understand that many kids have bigger dreams to achieve, and want to break the shackles of a traditional job structure to rise above all of those things, ultimately becoming what they desire to. Since the music industry is already a fiercely competitive space, many kids even fail to get the amount of encouragement and motivation they need in life. This makes them take a step towards becoming what they desire and carve a niche for themselves for the world to take inspiration from. One such true story is of Teji Johal, a youngster and a talent born and raised in Tarn-Taran, Punjab and currently living in the UK.

People have always loved Punjabi music, especially the Bhangra and pop versions. They have so far welcomed many talented musical artists in the industry who have gone ahead and made a special place for themselves in people’s hearts. Johal is also one amongst those gifted artists who have taken the Bhangra and the Punjabi Pop music seen to much greater heights in the industry with his record-breaking songs.

The most recent single of his called ‘Slim Waist’ got released in March 2020 and so far has amassed more than 200K views in a matter of a few months. The romantic track has soulful music and is so melodious that it touches the right chords of the listeners. Since childhood, Johal was always active in participating in inter-school music competitions and from that time, this young talent has given himself completely to the world of music, with only one aim in mind to create Punjabi Pop music that could exude his love and passion for the same and that which could reach each and every music lover.

However, Johal too had to first start with something else in his career to ultimately realize his love for music. He has earned a Master’s Degree in IT and worked at a regular 9-5 job. Despite making it huge in the industry, Johal realized that this is not what he ever wanted and hence, decided to leave the job and focus on his talents and skills as a singer. His determination and his abilities to learn through the process, made him turn into a Punjabi Pop music star with his debut single named “Fantasy”, which went on to earn great recognition in the global music markets as well.

Johal has also collaborated with the renowned and award-winning music producer MixSingh and his song Fantasy proves the great association between the two. To follow Johal’s music, follow him on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tejijohalofficial/?igshid=jcxjo4oltl6g and know more about him and his upcoming projects, by subscribing to his YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoeBc4VgwFMQ3OpdHIvdpg.

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