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Global Blockchain Eco-Conference Darwinia CMO Bree Yin: Top Priority – Building the Future Assets of Internet 


Startup Fortune, August 22, 2020: At the 2020 Global Blockchain Eco-Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay held in Shanghai, Darwinia CMO Bree Yin gave a keynote speech entitled “How to Build the Future Assets of Internet”.

This Global Blockchain Eco-Conference brought together more than 30 local and international industry-heavyweight speakers and over 500 audiences at the showground. Mr. Chen Weigang, Supervisor of the Board of Directors (Financial Institutions) of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Mr. Changpeng Zhao “CZ”, Founder of Binance, Mr. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, Mr. David Chaum, “Father of Digital Currency”, Rene Reinsberg, Co-founder of Celo, Illia, Co-founder of NEAR Protocol, and other industry leaders attended this conference.

Bree Yin emphasized that Darwinia is a decentralized blockchain bridge and its technological innovation has achieved breakthroughs in solving cross-chain challenges faced by heterogeneous blockchains. First, it enables the interconnection between Polkadot ecosystem and other blockchains such as Ethereum, and help DefiNFT, markets, games and other applications achieve multi-chain capabilities. The development of Darwinia will further promote the evolution of the Assets of Internet and drive developments of the Polkadot ecology.

Bree Yin pointed that Darwinia’s technological innovations leveraged cutting-edge cryptography techniques to achieve cross-chain asset transfer, including for NFT assets, in a fully trustless manner. 

At the same time, Bree Yin believes that because of gas fees, DeFi has become a game for “super users”, and there definitely will be an increase in demand for DeFi on more scalable public blockchains. This is expected to help promote growth for Polkadot’s ecosystem, increase access to Darwinia Bridge Chain, enable cross-chain capabilities for stablecoins such as Dai and BUSD, and connect multi-chain quality assets to current single-chain DeFi applications.

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