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Meet Olga Etkina: The Career Expert and Educator Behind the Lauded Workshop “Cultivate Career Authority”


New York, NY / January 2021—After living her whole life with overwhelming social anxiety, Olga Etkina struggled her way around social gatherings and, most of all, job interviews. At some point in life, her anxious feelings felt debilitating as it hindered some opportunities that came her way. Determined to overcome the challenges set forth by anxiety, she did what she could to master the ins and outs of job interviews, effective salary negotiations, and more. After a decade of hard work and commitment in the field, she is now ready to share with the world several strategies that could make a great difference in the lives of anxious job seekers and general job applicants.

Olga Etkina is a career expert, educator. She is the founder of Black Swan Careers and the creator of the career workshop called Cultivate Career Authority. She has built out teams for prestigious companies such as Goldman Sachs, Chief, ClassPass, Morgan Stanley, and many more. Over the last decade, she has hired thousands of people and negotiated countless job offers.

Question: We know that you established Cultivate Career Authority out of your desire to help others overcome barriers in seeking jobs. Can you give us a short preview of what Cultivate Career Authority is exactly about?

Olga Etkina: In essence, Cultivate Career Authority is a six-week intensive career workshop aimed to help anxious interviewers find career clarity. They will be trained to master interview and salary negotiation skills to propel their careers forward. I created this workshop because I understand what it is like to suffer from interview anxiety, self-doubt, and the feeling of not being good enough. I know how lonely and isolating this can be for job seekers and applicants.

Q: What do you think separates you as a career expert and educator from your competition in the industry?

Olga: My decade of experience working at some of the top companies in the world. I have always been very hands-on when building out teams and interview infrastructures. I know what companies and managers are looking for because I’ve partnered with them in my whole career. On top of that, I also understand overall anxiety and the feeling of not being good enough. I understand the negative impact this can have on one’s professional life.

Q: As a career expert and educator, who are the people who would benefit from your expertise and workshops the most?

Olga: It would really be anxious interviewers and overall job seekers looking to get a competitive advantage. This could range from people with interview anxiety, new graduates, unfulfilled employees, and general job seekers.

Olga Etkina specializes in bringing out people’s competitive advantage in the job market. Much of her success in the world of career development can be attributed to her struggles when she first started navigating the professional world. Her experience with social anxiety in her career naturally motivated her to find a solution for others struggling with feelings of self-doubt and a lack of career strategy. Having experienced these challenges firsthand, she has a profound understanding of its impact among people seeking to achieve significant career milestones. With that in mind, she made it her ultimate mission to help others overcome these barriers through Cultivate Career Authority.

Learn more about Cultivate Career Authority by visiting Olga’s website and Instagram.

Cultivate Career Authority, olga@inpursuit.work, +1 732 757 5769, cultivatecareerauthority.com

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