December 10: Influencer marketing is big business today. The number of social media influencers is increasing as the business is attracting youngsters and people from all walks of life. These are folks with a large number of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. They are able to convince customers to buy products and services they recommend. One such top-notch social media influencer with a large following is Irfan Sayed. He has never learnt to give up and enjoys extraordinary success on Instagram. Irfan Sayed’s main source of income is brand endorsements, acting, and modeling. 

Apart from being a famous Instagram influencer, Irfan Sayed is also a former TikTok Star fashion blogger, actor, and model. People know him for his viral lip sync videos and brief video content.

Here’s the amazing story of how Irfan Sayed rose to such tremendous popularity and became one of the top social media star and influencers. 

How did Irfan Sayed start his journey to Tiktok and Instagram stardom? 

Irfan Sayed first started his journey on Tiktok. But, all he used to do initially was play games. It was Irfan Sayed’s sister who told him that he could become popular by creating Titok videos. Irfan Sayed then performed different acts in videos and became popular on Tiktok as he received a good public response after the videos went viral. He never had to look back since then. 

What was the reaction of Irfan Sayed’s family and friends when he started his Tiktok journey?
The very first people who normally act as a hurdle when you start a new business are your family and friends, as they care for you. And that was also the case in Irfan Sayed’s Tiktok journey, as his family and friends were all against it initially. His family didn’t like what he was doing, and his friends even laughed at him. But, Irfan Sayed didn’t give up until he became a Tiktok star and all his loved ones were finally happy for him. 

Who is that person who has been supporting Irfan Sayed in his journey so far? 

Behind every successful man is a woman, and Irfan Sayed says the person who never gave up on him and has supported him so far is his wife. He also gives credit to his sister, who encouraged him to create Tiktok videos. Irfan Sayed also says his team is part of his support system. 

What does Irfan Sayed want to say to his haters? 

Irfan has just one thing to say to those who hate him, and that is he cares a damn about them. If his haters exist in crores, then he would continue to do what he is doing now for that one person who likes him, and he is an ardent follower. 

What message does Irfan Sayed have for his fans and followers? 

Irfan Sayed has no such word as ‘losing’ in his dictionary and wants to tell his fans and followers to never give up on their dreams. He also says that the way you look should never act as a hurdle in your success, for which the only thing you need is talent. Irfan Sayed tells his followers to have patience in their journey to success and believe in themselves. He asks his fans to never give up, and they will certainly succeed one day. 

Irfan Sayed has also been working hard to refine his acting skills, expand his education, and better his trade. Whatever others may say, he is focused on his goal of making his mark as an actor and influencer. We wish Irfan Sayed the very best for all his future endeavors. 



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