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“10th is Okay, but 12th is the real thing.”

“12th is Okay, but getting into a good college is the real challenge.”

“College is fine but only when you get through MBA/UPSC will you overcome the real challenge.”

These three golden statements describe our lives at every point of time. Our lives are one circle that begins with MBA/UPSC and ends on UPSC/MBA.

We are like Doraemons who are now on a failing spree and can no more tackle Nobita’s wishes.

If you’re doing Indian society right then you might relate because Indian parents will be the same everywhere. They all seem to possess this wonderful skill of prediction. Like my parents very often predict my future to tell me that I will fail considerable times in my life if I don’t take their advice seriously.

I mean if Robert Frost was Indian he wouldn’t have chosen the road less travelled by because obviously, his parents would’ve not allowed him. He would’ve landed up doing an MBA or cracking the ever glorious UPSC.

Don’t cross your boundaries!

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Growing up Desi is not everyone’s dose

Growing up in a middle-class household is an experience, an adventure that one has to successfully pass. The kind of hype and obsession around UPSC and MBA is not even frivolous in our country.

Coaching centers are the new business centers gorging upon this undying thirst and lust of us wanting to make it big in our lives. But we often forget that the route to do the same is not only through two doors.

In 2014 over 4.5 lakh students appeared for UPSC and 1.96 lakh for CAT. I mean the numbers indicate a harsh reality but we are all high on sanskars so who cares?

I hope this kind of Indian parenting just gets done with as the new generation is coming up because honestly, it’s killing creative minds only in search of some “honourable lives” or in the name of “settling down” or the most favourite one “izzat”.

What magic dhoop does to Jaadu, izzat does to Indian parents.

Relatable much?

In the end, it’s high time we stop defining our children to these two career paths, they might choose it but at least allow them to have certain opinions and give them some time, hopefully they’ll do better than Sharma Ji ka ladka!

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