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Meet Gencay Dokmecioglu, aka DJ Youngmoon, DJing his way to the top in the music industry as a young artist


DJ Youngmoon’s grit, confidence and courage allowed him to make a unique name for himself across the Middle East and Europe.

Everywhere around us, we get to see how youngsters across different industries are coming to the forefront of the same and are moving ahead with a lot of courage and confidence to take over their respective fields. When it comes to the music industry and the DJing world, one knows the kind of competition that already exists in the industry after the emergence of several talented youngsters who have shown promise in their work as a disk jockey. Raring to be the numero uno in the industry is one such youngster from Cyprus, who believed he had it in him and thus, ventured into the industry, becoming one of the sought after DJs in the Middle East and Europe; he is Gencay Dokmecioglu, famously known by his DJ name Youngmoon.

DJ Youngmoon is a 25-year-old DJing artist who debuted into the DJing world in the year 2015 and since then has never looked back. As a kid, he found himself deeply inclined towards the world of music, where he loved listening to different genres and kind of music in high school. He also loved dancing and attended school parties that introduced him to the DJs. This early introduction to the Djing space caught his attention the most and since then, he made up his mind to become a disk jockey.

Initially, he began with Djing at Cyprus, in the Mediterranean resort town called Ayia Napa in the Ambassaden Bar, Nissi beach, Sin club, Castle club, and the top 100 clubs in Europe. It was in 2018 that he moved to Dubai and became a resident DJ for different places and clubs. In the very first year in Dubai, DJ Youngmoon even got awarded as the entertainer of the year as a DJ. Today, he is a famous DJ of Spain – Ibiza, Marbella and even UK.

DJ Youngmoon is also the DJ for bbc1xtra and bbcasiannetwork which are famous radio stations of the world and is a DJ for reprezentradio as well. His work style includes playing his music and DJing around in the nightlife and entertainment space in front of a crowd of 200-300. His journey so far was not a bed of roses for him; he failed many times but always kept moving ahead in his quest to become the most prominent DJ of the world.

Gencay Dokmecioglu, aka DJ Youngmoon, is the first-ever DJ from Cyprus who won an award in Dubai, works in bbc1xtra and bbcasiannetwork and the first DJ from Cyprus who played in Ibiza. Ask him about his biggest dream and DJ Youngmoon is quick to reply, “I want to be the biggest DJ in the world and also want to create my own music.” He also dreams of performing in front of a crowd of 2000-3000 people, enjoying his created music.

To get connected with him, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @officialyoungmoon.

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