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Model Sydney Melman Discusses the Importance of Self-Worth


Though it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, over the years, the supermodels that saturate magazine pages and fashion week runways, have dictated the standard of beauty in media and the public eye. While the idea of being a model has a glamorous ring to it, for 20-year-old model Sydney Melman, having modeled since she was just three months old, she knows all too well the joys and sorrows of a model’s life. And though rejection is something every model is accustomed to, working in a particularly competitive industry, Melman’s journey as a model has proven to be more valuable than she could have imagined as it has emphasized the significance of her own self worth and value. 

“If I didn’t believe in myself, I don’t know where I’d be right now,” Melman says. “Though it was difficult at the time, I’m now grateful that I could overcome those obstacles. Self love and believing in yourself is the drive that makes women powerful on their own. Women can and should be self-made, stand on their principles, and should have respect turned towards them for their daily resolve.”  

While modeling certainly comes with its own challenges relating to self-esteem and mental health issues, today, Melman faces them head on with the confidence she developed over the years.  Were it not for the wisdom she amassed at such a young age as a model in the making, Melman’s story might have been different. Instead, she now uses her story as a platform to share with other girls pursuing their dreams, model or not. She believes no young girl should be told what she can or cannot do. 

“My confidence has turned away a lot of people and made it really tough at times to stick to my guns. Ultimately however, what allows me to stay strong and keep my resolve is putting my own opinion of myself first and treating that as the law I live by.”

To learn more about Sydney Melman, follow her on Instagram.

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