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Leading his way to the top across business industries is a young business mogul, Zaf Baker


His Instagram breathes a growing number of followers as Zaf Baker keeps posting about his incredible and unbelievable lifestyle and career.

With the advent of so many industries and business fields across the world, we also come to know about the forces that work behind the same relentlessly to make these industries reach greater heights of success. Not many have the courage and the confidence to take over multiple business industries and create a lifestyle all by themselves that goes beyond imagination for the rest of the world. Rising to the top as a young business magnate is one such individual who does believe in the conventional education system, but also most importantly believes on experiential learning, which has helped him become one of the iconic most entrepreneurs of the world, living a life king size, he is none other than Zaf Baker.

The young lad with astute business acumen and dexterity lives between Dubai and London and at only 27 years of age has dived deep into the vast entrepreneurial world. Zaf Baker began his journey from a very early age when he was all 16 years and since then this young talent has never looked back. His grit, confidence and self-belief have helped him venture into business industries and even ace it all being still under 30. He always dreamt of creating his own identity rather than what could have been given to him through his family business. Hence, for his love and passion for cars, he ventured into the business of car dealership, which along the way also helped him learn many new things about the business world.

He sold his first car at 16 and kept working in the same till he turned 18 and as a teen businessman Zaf Baker was already a key figure in the motor car industry. For him, education is of great importance, but he strongly believes in self-educating and experiencing things. He did the same to earn the life of his dreams by earning a fortune and at a very early age.

Today, the life this young gentleman has created for himself can act as a case study for other aspiring entrepreneurs of the world. Zaf Baker is now an established property developer and investor who moved from the motor car industry into the real estate world after seeing a huge potential in the latter.

His Instagram account boasts everything lavish and luxurious, be it his lifestyle, jet travels, celebrity friends, red carpet events, sporting events and premiers, designer clothes, and so much more. Zaf is well known to have a massive network and is often seen and snapped with some of the worlds biggest actors, athletes and musicians, many which are personal friends of his. Zaf Baker has always been a car enthusiast and lover as his Instagram boasts him Rolls-Royce’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s everyday. 

Zaf Baker is an inspirational business personality who also has a very unique and one of the most exclusive Memorabilia collections in the world that is being hand-signed and given to him from people in different leagues, sports, and nations all over the world, which includes things from Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Lebron James, Vasily Lomachenko, Diego Maradona and Sachin Tendulkar.

The 27-year-old serial entrepreneur is a serial winner and only believes in winning in life. For him, there is no such thing as a second place. He says, “Surround yourself with the best people as your company is what makes you.” Currently, the talented entrepreneur is also planning to expand his business in the United States of America.

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