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How Up-and-Coming Social Advocate Yasmin Tavakoli Focuses On a New Take: The Truth 


Despite the overwhelming challenges of 2020 whether it be Covid-19, politics, the economy, or social and racial tension, if anything can be said about such a tumultuous year, it’s that many Americans are seeking peace, and more importantly, the truth. Though it seems that as breaking news headlines continue to overwhelm news channels, online platforms and social media feeds with sensationalism, hype and confusion, the definitive truth is more elusive than ever. One rising social advocate is paving the way for how news should be shared by shedding light on factual and evidence-based news through her Instagram platform. Introducing Yasmin Tavakoli. 

Despite having previously worked with the United Nations with a Masters in Diplomacy, Tavakoli didn’t necessarily see herself pursuing a career as a politician. But as the year ensued, the trending topics of 2020 only enhanced her passion and interests in politics, social issues, and global and local news. Immediately, the young social advocate began voicing issues and posing questions for her followers on Instagram. Though at first her account was private, after numerous followers requested that she make her profile public so that others could share and engage with her content, Tavakoli soon found herself with an influx of engagement. 

With 2020 headlines continuously making history, Tavakoli saw the opportunity to take part in the ongoing discussion of politics and world news. In March, she launched Talks with Yasmin, where she held her first interview and discussion on the coronavirus pandemic, its impact, fallacies and truths with her good friend, who is a doctor. Since then, Tavakoli has continued to hold Talks with Yasmin via Instagram Live where she interviews political and public figures, discussing trending and relevant topics. Thus far, she has amassed a breadth of knowledge, having interviewed the likes of political figures, media experts, social justice activists, business owners and more. 

“I’m very adamant about remaining diplomatic across all of these discussions,” Tavakoli says. “I always bring both sides of any stance to the table and I like to provide a space where people feel comfortable to voice their own opinions without being judged or misrepresented.” 

Above all, Tavakoli sees her platform as the opportunity to share and introduce different perspectives, hoping that people will feel encouraged to do the research and educate themselves on matters foreign and familiar. Furthermore, she makes it a priority to provide her followers with material that is factual and verified, regardless of whom the information favors on the political spectrum, whether left, right or center. For Tavakoli, it isn’t about choosing a side, it’s about presenting the facts and sharing the truth. 

“Through these ongoing conversations, I urge my followers to open their minds to different perspectives,” Tavakoli says. “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective and furthermore, I hope these discussions encourage people to do their own research to become informed and aware.” 

Though the year is quickly coming to a close, Tavakoli fully intends on continuing Talks with Yasmin in 2021, aiming to feature new and relevant guests as new topics arise. With the traction she’s seen on Instagram, she additionally has plans to potentially turn her series into a podcast. Though she has recently taken a firm stance on local politics, holding politicians accountable to their promises, unlike most political pundits and social media figures, what sets her apart is her unapologetic passion to share unbiased opinions on global issues. While many platforms err on the side of bias, Talks with Yasmin is a refreshing take on the news, with the truth as its priority.  

To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram.

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