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Meet Fahda Romie, the young man and the mind behind the staggering rise of the rap and music culture in the Middle East


He is a young and upcoming rapper and artist who throughout his journey, only focused on improving his craft and climbing the ladder of success.

Year after year looking at the exponential rise of the music scene of the world as a whole, we feel compelled to think about the various talents that show the promise and passion in them for taking over the industry like true blue professionals. The right and positive mindset coupled with true talent and skills, helps individuals to become a successful name across any industry, believes a young Jamaican rapper named Fahda Romie, originally Jerome Downes, who has made his name amongst the most promising rappers across the Middle East.

Just like any other youngster would go through the many hurdles and challenges in life, this young talent was no exception. He even worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Dubai, after getting shifted there in late 2017. Working day and night did help him in making a good impression at the restaurant, but somewhere deep down; he knew that he was meant to do something bigger and better in life.

Music was something he always felt a deep connection with and putting his feelings on paper was something he enjoyed. Hence, Fahda Romie started writing lyrics and delivered them vocally. To his good fortune, a producer sent him a few instrumentals and Fahda Romie gave his voice on one of the particular beats he loved from the group. In December 2017 he did his first writing, but the same did not get recorded until early 2019. The track ‘Journey’ was liked by him initially, but slowly it started to lose the momentum it had created and realized that he would have to double his efforts and learn many more things to create a strong foothold in the world of music.

However, life gives great opportunities to people only if individuals know how to optimize it. Fahda Romie did the same when in 2019 he got another opportunity to work on an instrumental. He created the song ‘Recommend’, a four and a half minutes long melodic track which went on to receive great feedback. However, when it was sent to Chad, a very good friend of Fahda Romie for years, who is also a music producer, he mixed and mastered the song. It impressed Fahda Romie so much that he got excited to release across all major music platforms.

It got released in December 2019 and was well received by the audiences. Along the journey, he even met Rastarocket, an experienced Jamaican musician who helped Fahda Romie and coached him to get better. The young and upcoming star worked with Rastarocket and Dj Ranger, creating multiple tracks. However, after Rastarocket moved back to the US, Fahda Romie realized he must set up his own music studio and record his music with the help of the DJ.

Today, he works with Codelank, a talented Jamaican producer who has helped the youngster to reach newer heights of success in music. He has already recorded many tracks and is on cloud nine for releasing a selection of those tracks on December 31st, 2020. The songs are titled, Drilling, East Rave, Recommend, Vortex, Sheikh up di place, Quasar Freestyle, Program.

His unique style in drill, Jamaican trap dancehall, trap music has impressed all. Fahda Romie takes inspiration from other well-known artists like Lil Wayne, Future, Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Giggs and more recently Popsmoke. Looking at the tracks, he has created so far; he is already on his way to establishing himself in the Middle East as a successful entrepreneur and a renowned musician.

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