It seems that the industry which is known for its ageism made a slight exception when it came to the killer looks of Mr. Dinesh Mohan, India’s senior-most model. 

Known for his panache and screen presence, Mr. Mohan entered the modeling industry a little too late than his contemporaries, for age is just a number and the 62-year-old model has proved it. 

Today, you might spot him walking on the ramps for the biggest designers but his journey from a man who was bedridden to being a successful model, is an inspirational one, to say the least.

His Journey From A Bedridden Man To Being A Successful Model, Is An Inspirational One
His Journey From A Bedridden Man To Being A Successful Model, Is An Inspirational One

From Being Bedridden To Walking The Ramps

Stuck with a personal loss, there was a time when Dinesh Mohan was completely bedridden at the age of 44. He weighed 130 Kgs and couldn’t stand up on his own. 

Seeing him like this, his sister and brother-in-law took him in and got him psychiatric help.

However, he was far from taking responsibility and turning his life around. The turning point came when his family lost temper over the fact that he had completely given up on his life.

Their anger jolted him out of the self-pity that he had been experiencing and motivated him to take charge of his life.

From Being Bedridden To Walking The Ramps
From Being Bedridden To Walking The Ramps

The Transformation 

With consistency and dedication, Mr. Mohan lost over 50 Kgs over a period of time and it helped him tremendously with his self-confidence.

Post his weight loss, his looks changed so drastically that people couldn’t recognize him. 

The Drastic Change In Looks
The Drastic Change In Looks

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One such day, he bumped into a neighbor who, coincidentally, worked in a fashion magazine and was so impressed with his transformation that he posted his ‘before’ and ‘after’ transformation photographs. 

The photographs propelled him into fame and were enough to make modeling agencies eager to sign him. Mr. Mohan decided to give modeling a chance and to his surprise, the photographs told him that he belongs here after the shoot and thus, his journey began.

Today, he is not only a successful model but also an actor who has worked in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Malayalam cinema, along with superstars like Rajnikant and Salman Khan.

The Message He Wishes To Spread

Mr. Mohan believes that for him the biggest achievement would be if his story inspires other people who are struggling with their lives.

For Mr. Mohan The Biggest Reward Was That People Get Inspired By His Story
For Mr. Mohan, The Biggest Reward Was That People Get Inspired By His Story

He wants people to believe that they can always change their life and begin again for age is just a number and everything is possible. 

Were you inspired by Dinesh Mohan’s journey? Let us know in the comment section.

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