Watch: Cities That House Proofs Of India’s Colonial Heritage

Re-living the colonial times through heritage memoirs

Various colonial powers have left their names in India’s history. A source of inspiration for artists, poets, and writers are the proofs left behind by these colonies (British, Portuguese, French) of well-thought infrastructure.

India is a land that not only acknowledges but also cherishes any laud-worthy thing. And when it comes to historical significant aspects, many people wish to re-live the times.

This may come as a surprise since the question arises as to why would an Indian want to go back in time when India’s state was gruesome and the concept of freedom was nowhere.

But as far as art is considered, the fact remains that colonies helped a great deal in aesthetics and infrastructure building.

India’s colonial heritage is rich in its beauty and its fascinating sights. Many cities have been arduous in maintaining the heritage.

Some argue that all memoirs of colonial rule over our motherland should be destroyed and rightfully so since keeping an account of the atrocities seems sadistic.

But the attraction of these heritage sites creates leaves either of the parties in splits.

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Maharashtra’s government recently reintroduced colonial carriages for the sole purpose of charming and attracting visitors to the city.

The uniqueness and yet, the simplicity with which these following cities have put forth their gigantic structures, artwork, and imposing towers truly showcase India’s colonial heritage at its finest.

Following are some cities that are proofs of India’s colonial heritage, along with the heritage sites they are most famous for:

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Sources: Incredible India, Times of India, Journals

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