Watch: 5 Priceless Artefacts The British Stole From India, Other Than Kohinoor

Talking about Britain’s unwillingness to return stolen artefacts, comedian John Oliver said it best, “The entire British Museum is basically an active crime scene.

Britain has essentially adopted the “Finders, keepers, losers, weepers” approach when it comes to talks about returning historically significant artefacts that they’ve plundered from all around the globe, you know, from back when the British empire was in full swing and the British had some actual relevance in the grand scheme of things. 

Now, after gaining independence from Britain and setting off to create their own destinies without being ruled by a bunch of moustachioed European men, many countries, quite naturally, turned to Britain and simply asked for their stuff back, stuff that is on display in glass cases in museums across Britain.

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Britain, and you’ve got to hand it to them for their misplaced confidence, have largely denied these requests without giving entirely good reasons for the same. 

India has time and again asked for the Kohinoor diamond to be returned. The diamond, which was mined from Kollur mines (which is in present-day Andhra Pradesh), was stolen from India and presented to Queen Victoria in 1849.

The diamond is now a part of the British Crown Jewels.

It’s bad enough they stole it from us, they made the situation worse by sticking the diamond on the purple eyesore they call a crown

Besides the precious Kohinoor, here are 5 priceless artefacts the British stole from India: 

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Sources: Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Museum, Britannica 

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