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Meet Anamika Shrivastava, new singer in the world of bhakti songs!


Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Entrepreneur turned singer, Anamika Shrivastava is a relatively new name in the world of devotional music. But love can make up for time and her love for music is shining through and through. She is on a roll with 3 back to back songs out on her Youtube channel and is now all set for the release her new devotional single, ‘Bam Bam Bhole’ Her first single ‘Vaishnavi’ got 100k plus organic views and 2nd single ‘Hey Kaali’  is about to hit 200k views.

Anamika Shrivastava was born in Khandwa, the birth place of legend Kishore Kumar. She grew up in various cities across India and is now settled in New Jersey. She has had the privilege of training in  Ghazal singing from Talat Aziz and later studied Indian Classical music under the tutelage of Aabir Mukherji.

An architect by profession, she has been a successful interior designer, but decided to take the plunge and do what she had always truly dreamt of doing; Singing. And she is leaving no stone unturned. Versatile and talented, she composes and writes the lyrics of her songs.

“I have 12 plus songs releasing this year including collaborations with some popular Bollywood singers” said Anamika, very excited about her plans for 2021.

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