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Meet Additya Singh, Banker turned Management consultant  


Meet Additya Singh. A banker turned management consultant who we have had an eye on for a while. From executing multi-million dollar deals as a hotshot banker to leaving it all behind to pursue his MBA, to helping start-ups achieve success in France and abroad, he’s had a pretty exciting journey so far. We are thrilled to finally catch up with him at a downtown café in Lyon amidst his very busy schedule for a quick chat!

  • Thank you for taking time out for us today. Tell us how life was like for you growing up? And how it has played a part in who you are today

My parents have always been incredibly supportive of everything I’ve wanted to do. I come from a very happy and loving family which has always stood behind me and inculcated values of responsibility, perseverance, honesty, hard work and helping those who need it most. All this has made me incredibly driven and independent and as a result, I constantly feel the need to keep moving forward and keep growing.

  • Tell us about your current role and future aspirations

As you can see, I am currently a consultant with a multi-billion euro firm helping them manage and streamline their B2B operations in northern Europe. It is an incredibly challenging role but one which I enjoy since no two days are the same. At the same time, I am also helping various start-ups in their quest to become successful and renowned. My future aspirations, well I want to start something of my own but I’m keeping it close to my chest for now.

  • We have noticed a lot of Indians who come to France fail. What did you do differently?

A lot of Indians also succeed so let’s not count just the ones who. But yes, knowing the local language helps. Also, you need to think big. If your aspiration is to make easy money or be successful without hard work, France is not the place for you. I personally know of a couple of people who have gone back home dejected. A few folks come here wanting to use France as a springboard to Canada or other countries. If that’s the mindset you have, you will falter by the wayside. You have every opportunity here; you just need to know how to exploit it.

  • We came to know you have a very successful business back in India. How are you managing you time between France and India?

It’s a family business which was setup by my mom over 20 years ago. I will eventually be giving most of my time and help it grow the best I can but there’s still a couple of years left for it. I do try and go to India 3-4 times a year nevertheless. 

  • You were in the news recently for your various fundraising efforts for charity. How did that come about?

Frankly, it’s something that has always been very close to my heart. The way I have been brought up coupled with my Indian values means I always try to do whatever I can for those in need. Be it humans or animals, they all deserve our love and support.

  • Where does life take you next?

I have never been the one to plan in advance. Broad strokes, I will eventually divide my time between India and here running and expanding whichever endeavour I am engaged in. Loads of traveling and exploring the world is definitely on the agenda. Maybe get married along the way. It’s a very long way to go and the journey has only just begun. 

  • How can one reach you?

My Instagram is im.additya and my twitter is @bandasummer. I am not very active on social media due to my schedule but I do try and make an effort.

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