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phpTrader, Opening To A Global Era; Headquarters Expansion Relocation Announcement


phpTrader, a leading company in the cryptocurrency profit-making bot industry will open to its global era next year. On the 16th, PhpTrader announced that it will expand its company to London. After its establishment in 2017, for the first time, PhpTrader will build a new home in London, England.

A conference room with a video meeting infrastructure will be made possible for the employees as remote work space.

The phpTrader’s expansion relocation was carried out as it was deemed necessary to expand its presence and employees with global market launching and business expansion.

HUNT REX, CEO of phpTrader said, “We want to hold this excitement of starting fresh in an unfamiliar location and try to become the No. 1 cryptocurrency profit-making bot within 2021.”

PhpTrader was a company founded in Switzerland that revolutionized the profit-making bot with revenue transactions in the cryptocurrency market. With more than 11 different platforms, it allows the user to gain the arbitrage profit between exchanges. It provides an easy profit making experience through trade by learning about main exchanges and it supports up to 1,000 encryption currencies.

The report shows that the amount of transactions made by phpTrader’s profit-trading bots has increased by an average of 12.4% per month this year. This seems to be due to the recent sudden change in BTC prices, utilizing the sudden price change, the trading bot was able to make more trades. With all the positive signs that are coming out for the crypto market, this trend is expected to continue until the next year.

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