Our country is notorious for weird demands that come up during marriages. Demands on skin colour, looks, money, family background, among several other things, are not uncommon. One family did not even spare the details of the girl’s sexuality by mentioning “Virgin Girls Only” in their ad.

Earlier, the groom’s family had such demands from the bride, but now even the girls’ families do not shy away from voicing their interests. Everyone wants a fair, tall, wealthy, educated, groomed partner, and they do not seem to hesitate from getting it printed. 

And the end result of not hesitating? It ends up becoming a centre of comedy for netizens, who cannot stop cringing to it. In another such incident, a weird matrimonial ad has got the spotlight and is now a meme material on social media.

What Does The Matrimonial Ad Say?

A 37-year-old lawyer from West Bengal’s Kamarpukur placed an ad in the newspaper seeking a “fair, beautiful, tall, slim bride”. Now, this stuff is pretty generic (sadly), something that we all come across in every matrimonial ad.

What caught the eye of IAS Nitin Sangwan, who shared it on Twitter, was that the girl should not be addicted in social media”. He shared the post on Twitter and captioned it as “Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention. Matchmaking criteria are changing”.

The tweet got viral within a matter of hours. People made some hilarious comments like “kunwaara hi marega” (meaning that he would die single) and “toughest criteria for recruitment process” among many others.

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In 2020 (the year which glued us to our devices), this demand is beyond ridiculous. No wonder the memes had to follow.

A Similar Matrimonial Ad Was Placed Years Ago

A few years ago, a similar matrimonial ad got insanely viral. That was the time when we were all active only on Facebook, and the social media craze was only starting (nostalgia hitting hard).

A 32-year-old MBA from Tamil Nadu sought a girl who should be a “non-facebook user”. It was too much to ask even back then, and so is now.

Matrimonial ad seeking a “bubbly Tamil girl” who should be a non-facebook user

But when it is about matrimony, is anything too much? Unemployed men listing 100 qualities that they want in their bride-to-be, groom’s side seeking an educated “maid”, impossible dowries – everything is allowed here.

So when compared to that, “not addicted to social media” sounds pretty okay. It is the “tall, slim, fair” part that in the ad I am concerned about. Apparently, netizens aren’t. And that concerns me even more!

Maybe this has become so normalized that ignoring it seems a better option than confrontation. So, let’s keep ignoring the elephant in the room and make a joke out of the deal when we can. Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

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