India is becoming more vulnerable with each passing day for women. After the Hathras case, outrage broke out across the nation but alas, even after massive protests and campaigns, around 15 rape cases have been reported in Uttar Pradesh within just two days.

On average, 106 rape cases are reported every day, out of which 40% of the victims are minors.

Most of us are blaming the government for not taking appropriate action, but are we taking our mentality into consideration? We judge a woman by the length of her clothes and some of us even blame the victim instead of the accused. We cast aspersions on the victim for ‘inviting’ the accused and pass filthy comments like ‘she might have asked for it.’ 

There are also people who truly leave no stone unturned to bestow women with the safety and equality they deserve.

But, as long as the mentality that judges women by the way they dress or how much makeup they wear exists, and considers ‘not letting any women go out after 6 PM’ or ‘show less skin’ as a solution, the situation is not going to change.

The situation escalates when people who are looked upon by many as their idols also make insensible, troublesome and sexist statements.

They not only hurt the sentiments of the people but also convey the wrong message to the masses. Let me bring some of these statements to your notice through a poster series:

In an interview, while promoting his film Sultan, he came up with this statement when asked about his experience of playing a wrestler in his upcoming film.

He compared the exhaustion from a physically tiring sequence to that of a ‘raped woman’. This statement came as a bombshell to all of us.

This is what Sanjay Dutt said when asked about the desire of his daughter to become an actress. He said that he is just following in his father’s footsteps, who didn’t allow his sisters to join the film industry. We don’t know what Trishala wants!

This statement was made by none other than the director of Kabir Singh, a contentious movie in itself. You may not be surprised if you have seen the movie because the whole plot of the movie was based on similar sentiments.

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This is one of the many idiotic statements made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. According to him, “stree sarvatha swatantra ya mukta chhodne yogya nahi hai” (women are not capable of being fully independent). And even after not letting women be free, UP witnesses a harrowing number of rape cases every year. 

This was the answer given by the famous cricketer on the much infamous and controversial show ‘Koffee with Karan’, when the host asked “Why don’t you ask women their name in a club? What do you talk about then?” This statement of his created havoc in the media and trolls also followed for obvious reasons.

Here, by ‘they’ the actress meant victims and quoted this line in an episode of round table conference moderated by film critic Rajeev Masand.

She indirectly attributed being abused by someone to the weakness of the victim, which did not go well with netizens, and they criticized the actress for making such a sexist statement.

It’s not about whether they say it unintentionally or intentionally, but it is about the mindset of the people that always corners the victim. These celebrities could have set an example for others, because as an audience we have faith in them. Rather, they chose to be negligent and made these statements that just raised controversies and nothing else.

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