What comes to our minds when we think of weddings? Lavish interiors, beautiful destinations, wedding dresses, wedding traditions and above all delicious free food.

But have you ever imagined marriage via video call? 

Sounds bland but the lockdown has made everything possible.

They say marriage is a match made in heaven, but now it seems more like a match made on the Internet. 

There’s No Stopping Matrimonial Sites

This pandemic makes it seem like the world has stopped, but where there is a will, there is a way and in a country like India, where wedding day is the most awaited day for so many parents, how can this mega event ever stop?

Surprisingly, where almost every company is facing downsizing, matrimonial sites are growing.

Bharat matrimony has seen a 30 per cent increase and Shaadi.com has seen a 20 per cent increase in registrations.

The possible reason for this steep rise in customers is explained by Janakiraman, founder and CEO of Bharat Matrimony. 

He says that many youngsters postpone their marriage plans due to a hectic work schedule. But due to lockdown, with most of the professionals working from home, they have plenty of time in their hands and nowhere to go.

He also added- “The engagement level of customers and profile acquisitions on our site is growing. To meet the rising demand, we have leveraged our services also.”

Shaadi.com and Bharat Matrimony have made their premium membership free during lockdown.

“Wedding From Home”

“Wedding From Home” is a great initiative by Shaadi.com to help people tie the knot during this lockdown. All the rituals and traditions of a big fat Indian wedding are being performed in the comfort of your home. 

Avinash And Kirti

The first wedding was that of Avinash Bagri and Kirti Agrawal on 14th April. All Hindu traditions like Ganesh Sthapna, Sangeet, Mehndi were performed and attended by family members via video call. Even the makeup artists guided the bride step-by-step to get the bridal look through a video call. The wedding was attended by 200 people via video call followed by food delivery of sweets to the houses of all the guests.

Groom Avinash Bagri said, “To be really honest, we had our doubts about how everything will pan out, but I must say ultimately it turned out better than expected. We had guests from over 10 countries who participated wholeheartedly, everyone was dancing during the sangeet, sharing their videos, screens; it was so much fun. Most importantly even my parents who are not very tech-savvy not only joined but participated in every ceremony, which was an emotional moment for us.”

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Sushen And Keerti

Sushen Dang from Mumbai and Keerti Narang from Bareilly tied the knot on April 19. The to-be-bride and groom were 1430 kms apart, locked in two different cities. The “Great Indian Lockdown Wedding” had around 100 people joining at the cloud-based video calling app, Zoom. The wedding had everything, priest, dhol, family members and friends.

A glimpse of their extraordinary wedding can be seen here- Instagram

Animesh And Nilu

Another couple is tying the knot on 8th May 2020. Animesh and Nilu, encouraged by the new initiative WFH, decided to not let lockdown affect their wedding plans. Their wedding will happen via video call.

These initiatives by matrimonial sites are apparently a hit. Individuals who thought of changing their wedding plans now have an option to unite with their love. 

It’s good to see people spread and share happiness following all adequate safety precautions during the nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative reminds us that happiness can be found even in difficult times. 

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