A bizarre comment by BJP MP and former Union Minister Maneka Gandhi is making rounds on social media. Gandhi gave beauty advice to women and claimed Cleopatra also used it. 

Here’s What She Said

Maneka urged at a public meeting in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, that people should explore utilizing goat and donkey milk to make soap instead of other traditional techniques. According to Maneka, using donkey milk soaps might help women maintain their beauty permanently.

She further said, “Donkey population is declining rapidly. The use of donkeys by washermen has also ceased. In Ladakh, a specific community noticed the decline of donkeys and took the initiative to utilize their milk for making soap.”

She proposed replacing wood with fragrant substance in cow dung for cremations to dramatically cut costs to Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000, with the potential to earn lakhs by selling the cow dung logs.

Reference To Cleopatra 

In the widely circulated video, Maneka claimed, “A very popular queen, Cleopatra, used to bathe in donkey’s milk. Why don’t we start making soaps with goat’s milk and donkey’s milk?”

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“Soaps made of donkey’s milk keep a woman’s body beautiful forever,” the BJP MP said.

Netizens’ Reaction 

One of the users wrote, “Is there anything that can purify everyone and make them more #humane and beautiful in their #soul?” While another stated, “Soaps don’t make a person beautiful.”

A user tweeted, “Cow is a mother and now donkey is stepmother”.  Another wrote, “Who are we to remark on? She is the greatest person to comment on this because she has won multiple beauty pageants in her earlier years.”

Previously, Maneka Gandhi has also remarked that eggs are made of the menstrual blood of chicken and hence suggested that it is not safe for consumption by children. 

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