Maneka Gandhi is well known for her love of animals and activism towards better treatment of them in the country. But in a recent incident, this seems to have backfired on her with several Indian veterinarians asking for her to be boycotted.

The BJP MP is facing major backlash from Indian veterinary doctors after an audio clip was posted online with her talking to a vet and asking about the amputation of a dog’s leg.

The veterinary doctors have taken major offence to the language used by her in the now viral clip.

This has even led to the Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) writing a letter to higher authorities against her, wanting some action to be taken for abusive language.

Along with this the Senior Vets Association has also expressed their concerns with the words used by Gandhi calling them derogatory and how it had “demoralised” professionals in the field.

What Happened?

Sometime on 22nd June, a 5-minute audio clip was posted online and on various social media platforms. The audio was allegedly between Maneka Gandhi and a vet called Dr. Vikas.

The clip starts with someone telling Dr. Vikas that Ms. Gandhi wishes to speak with him and the BJP MP then talking about how the vet botched a dog’s leg treatment and amputated him wrongfully.

The vet in his defence tries to make his case that he did the treatment as per rules and how the owner had taken their dog home against the doctor’s advice.

Gandhi can be heard getting angrier and angrier eventually using abusive curse words like ‘haramzada’; ‘c***iya’; ‘haraami’ and more. She even condescendingly asked where he got his degree from, saying that his medical school was from a “ghatiya jagah” and even commented on how his father was probably a maali (gardener) or chowkidaar (security guard).

She proceeds to threaten the veterinary of heavy consequences and that he should immediately treat the dog again with the expenses coming from his own pocket.

According to reports, in response to this the IVA has written a letter to PM Modi stating “We would request your kind attention in this regard so that the image of parliamentarian in the eyes of common people is not dented in the society.” 

The letter states that “It is a matter of grave concern that Smt Maneka Gandhi, Honourable MP, Lok Sabha, habitually and repeatedly threatens veterinarians claiming settlements (audio clip attached). In earlier instance, we, at Indian Veterinary Association, had requested her to refrain from using disgraceful and derogatory comments about Veterinary professions like first generation educated etc.”


Not just that but the IVA has also decided to hold June 23rd as ‘Black Day’ as a form of protest against Gandhi with veterinarians being asked to wear black bands on Wednesday.

In the meeting held by the Senior Vets Association, Dr. Gurinder Singh Walia, former joint director of Animal Husbandry, Punjab, and member of the state’s Veterinary Council commented that “Only an uneducated, unaware and irresponsible person could make such a disgusting and uncalled comment about veterinarians and their profession. But such comments from someone who had once held responsible positions in the government were very unfortunate and unwarranted. It reflects the frustration of a person.”

He further added “No profession is superior or inferior. Hence, discussing a profession in an insulting and derogatory way and making generalised statements about anyone is neither acceptable nor fair.

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Outrage On Social Media

Many people are showing their outrage against the alleged comments by asking for a boycott of her. Indian veterinarians are actively asking for a boycott of Maneka Gandi and #BoycottManekaGandhi has even been trending since some time.



If the audio clip is indeed true then this is absolutely no way to be talking to a vet without having all the facts at hand.

Even if the doctor did some mistake in his treatment of the dog, abusing him and degrading his family and father is not the way to go, especially not for a politician of Gandhi’s status.

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