When a 33-year-old man in China sought medical attention for what he believed to be a urinary issue, he was surprised to learn that he has been menstruating for the last 20 years.

Chen Li (name has been altered to protect their identity) underwent surgery to treat his uncontrollable urinating throughout adolescence. Since that time, for more than 20 years, he has repeatedly had blood in his urine, according to a popular media publication – the South China Morning Post.

After Li reported to the doctors about stomach discomfort that persisted for more than four hours, he was given an appendicitis diagnosis. However, despite undergoing rigorous treatment, Li’s symptoms persisted, and it wasn’t until a complete medical examination followed by extensive treatment that Li’s ailment was finally identified.

It was found that it was menstruation that was causing the stomach pain and the blood in the urine.

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An additional medical check confirmed that Li also had ovaries and a uterus, according to the publication.

His medical records showed that while the levels of female sex hormones and ovarian activity were comparable to those of healthy adult women, his levels of the male sex hormone androgen were below average.

Li was shocked by the revelation and asked the surgeons to remove his female reproductive organs because he has been identifying as a man for the last 33 years.

After a three-hour long careful surgery, Li was released from the hospital after 10 days.

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