On July 11, the morning after taking his family hostage and locking himself up with them, a member of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, shot himself. According to reports, the CRPF jawan stole an INSAS weapon and 40 bullets.

Before holding his wife and daughter, age 8, captive in his service quarters in Jodhpur, the CRPF jawan, Naresh Jaat, fired 8 shots from his INSAS weapon. According to reports, the jawan killed himself after an 18-hour standoff.

Nearly 18 hours after the first hostage scenario was discovered, the jawan shot himself. The shooting was verified by Ravidutt Gaur, who is the police commissioner of the area.

To retell the story, on Sunday at about 5 o’clock, Jaat, who was assigned to the CRPF training facility kidnapped his wife and daughter. He allegedly locked himself along with his wife and child in his military quarter.

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To explain this concerning event, Naresh Jaat was said to have expressed discontent with a number of things. Additionally, he apparently had mental health issues. With a boiling frustration and uncontrollable rage, the jawan chose this unfortunate way of ending his discontent.

The cops were reportedly quite careful in handling the matter as both Jaat’s wife and child were locked up in the quarter along with him.

To bring the tense situation under control, Jaat’s father tried calling him and mitigating the situation. However, his phone was found switched off after a couple of tries and the tense event came to an end after 18 hours with the jawan shooting himself thus leading to his untimely demise.

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