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Make way for Miss Chen!


The fashion world’s latest obsession is the newest and the youngest ever editor of Lucky, Eva Chen. What makes her big news is the fact that she is the first appointment made by Anna Wintour since she became creative director of Conde Nast,which publishes Vogue and Lucky. If the Goddess of the glossies herself can place so much faith in miss Chen, all that us mortals can do is applaud. And so we are going gaga over her, via social media or otherwise.

In case you haven’t yet gotten enough of her, we are talking random stuff about her right here! Eva Chen absolutely loves her social media, and keeps her fans up to date with her glam and hectic life with pictures of her flower vase, her shoes and of course her perfectly manicured nails! If you have noticed the colour on her nails goes from canary yellow to midnight grey to tangerine in a matter of hours. Ever wonder how she manages to make time for such frequent manicures? Here’s the secret (obviously shared many times over through social media)- Miss Chen gives manicures to herself, on car rides from one show to another.  She even shared all the details ( how she does it, her favourites brands and shades of nail paint, the colour she is wearing now) with her ardent followers through, you guessed it right, social media!

Although she has already wowed us, we hope she will prove her mettle through her magazine too, and follow in the footsteps of her mentor Anna Wintour.



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