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7 Most Popular Excuses For Not Voting


So are you of the school of thought that voting is your right and not a duty, so you can choose not to exercise your right and sit around posting emphatic facebook status messages about how the system screwed you over? Well, we’re sorry to break it to you but your excuse sucks worse than Harman Baweja in Love Story 2020.

7 Most Popular Excuses For Not Voting

We are a desensitized and indifferent generation of people with an appalling attention span and a flare for public outrage. We are also incredibly creative when it comes to making excuses for avoiding responsibly while also multitasking as hipsters!  Here are the 7 Most Popular Excuses For Not Voting:

1. All the political parties are corrupt, I don’t want to add to the political filth
Please adjust the halo that you’ve conjured up in your rather vapid mind and secure it safely because let me break this to you slowly – RIGHT.TO.REJECT. Also, you numbnut, have you heard of proxy voting? Let’s first educate you about the system before you can start to whine about it.



image courtesy: catscompendium

2. The voting booth is too far
You know the roads you’re complaining about? The potholes? The lack of parking space? You could actually complain about it if the person you voted for didn’t meet your requirements but since you didn’t vote and you don’t have an elected representative, please go weep silently in a corner.



image courtesy: r10t3r

3. The line is too long, the people there are weird, it’s too hot
Should we just wait while the cushion under your behind gets fluffed? You have no problem voting for insignificant reality show upstarts but the line is too long when it actually matters?



image courtesy: constancejoy
4. If I am a citizen of the country, I should just be able to show up and vote. I don’t agree with the registration process.
We don’t even! Evolution didn’t agree with you.



image courtesy: senorgif
5. I am really busy, I have to go to the gym and do *insert inconsequential task*
What are you going to do when you can’t afford the protein shakes your biceps so desperately need? Vote. You aren’t going to channel Popeye in a day!



image courtesy: dragongifs
6. This country has gone to the dogs, I don’t even care anymore!
If you’re wondering about who is responsible for the dismal state of affairs, please take a walk to the closest mirror near you.



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7. I’d rather go for a movie in the time off
Congratulations! You and those politicians have more in common than you think. They’d also rather rip you off than work for your benefit. You could’ve voted for someone who would’ve done something but what’s better than a mindless film!




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You might have been mighty impressed with Russell Brand’s no vote policy and cutting wit but here’s something to change your mind – you aren’t Russell Brand and you’re still in a developing nation. If you still decide not to vote, let us know if you have a better idea than democracy.




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