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Magi Camaj is a versatile legend when it comes to the pen


Whether it’s writing books of poetry, self-help books, novels, lyrics, contracts, or engaging in music journalism, it is crystal clear that Margaritë ‘Magi’ Camaj has a magical way with words. Her pen being her magic wand, she touches the depths of your heart, mind, and soul and makes readers everywhere feel something very powerful. The wordplay that she pieces together is mind-blowing, creating a safe atmosphere for people who read her words to be vulnerable and to express their emotions. 

Her 15 works of literature are: He Will Exist, Souls Up, Words Can’t Explain, Only You Know, Where is Love?, Open Your Mind, FEEL, A Beautiful Human Heart, In Case You Need A Reminder, How To Heal In One Day, I Love: Unë Dua (written in the Albanian and English language), Run to God, The Examination of Real Love, Clipping Our Wings: The Inequality of Albanian Women and The Neglect of Mental Health, and Read if You Need Some Love. All of her books are highly sought after and are sold internationally. Clipping Our Wings: The Inequality of Albanian Women and The Neglect of Mental Health was #1 on Amazon’s best-selling list for the playwriting genre for 1 month straight and she did all of this as an independent self-published Author! Her latest book, Read If You Need Some Love, will definitely give you some positivity and light. If you’re feeling broken and want to begin the art of healing, you should definitely read her words. On one of her latest posts, she writes that love is the only thing that heals and connects us all. Writing since the age of 7, Magi Camaj wrote many of these books while she was in law school. The way that she writes is brilliant, allowing us to see the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. It is truly like she is inside of our hearts and can speak on how we feel when words fail us.  

Her versatility when it comes to the pen is legendary, also writing plenty of articles on Thought Catalog, which attracts 25 million monthly unique visitors, Women On Topp, and Boom Bap Nation. She also writes for EARMILK, where her write-ups were re-shared on social media by artists such as Benny the Butcher, Black Thought, Khalid, Russ, and Wale.

On top of all of this, she is an Entertainment Attorney. Clearly, her world revolves around music and words. Listen to her speak words of poetry over a Hip-Hop beat with so much soul on her track “For You” with Passport Gift, mixed by Parks!

You can follow her at @magicamaj or @shewrotemagic on all social media platforms in order to feel her words, get some light, and follow her upcoming projects. See for yourself: she is a young legend!

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