If you’re a desi kid, and your parents didn’t warn you, apne jaat (caste) wali lana!”, then are you a brown kid at all?

Dark jokes apart, India that does not seem to stop protesting about the caste reservation system, isn’t itself ready to give up on its tedious roots of caste system that runs through the deepest strata of its society.

So no matter how educated you are or what job you have, you’d still be a shudra that can’t be touched or worse; get married to.

Ideally the hatred should stop to demarcation of lands or petty issues of untouchability but it goes further to lynch and honor killing.

Although ideally there shouldn’t be any hatred in the first place, but let me not be too optimistic; really.

Very recently, a couple dared to get married irrespective of the difference in their castes which led to the high volume desi drama and they eventually had to knock the doors of the court because how can you expect the police to act against the norms of culture and society?

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HC Judgement Or A Bliss? 

Justice N Anand Venkatesh while imparting justice to the couple, said these golden words about the possible solution of the century old wheels of caste system,

In fact many thinkers believe that inter-caste marriage is the only panacea to root out the evil of caste system. These are days where the younger generation is slowly moving out of the ill-effects of caste system and that is the reason for a lot of inter-caste marriages that are happening in the society. These changes must be accepted by the elders and this change is in fact good for the society in rooting out the caste system.”

While we talk about these evils that still prevail in the society, it wouldn’t be fair to the admit that the young generation is understanding and addressing the tedious traditions of our society.

It is out of fear or respect for their families, that most youngsters fail to speak up against these traditions. However, with increase in number of inter caste marriages, there is still a ray of hope for the generations to follow.

In an atmosphere of no discrimination and hatred, a child born out of pure love, would keep humanity over the demarcations of religion and castes.

We appreciate the gesture of Madras High Court in promoting progressive values and providing a healthy atmosphere for love to prevail in the country.

Sources: Bar and Bench, Times Now

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