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Love: To Be Or Not To Be In It, Is The Question



Recently, while (trying to) decide on an innovative topic for a debate, one of my friends came across a pretty interesting one:  ‘There is a potion which can stop you from falling in love. This house, as an 18 year old, would take the potion.’

Unfortunately, the severely limited intellectual abilities of my colleagues and the prevalence of excessive democracy, which states that the topic shall be decided upon by the majority vote, prevented the debate from happening at all. It is a separate issue that we debated on reducing the permissible age for consuming liquor (as if it hadn’t been done to death already) and the views presented were, well, not worthy of reminiscence.

So much for being different; or listening to a highly biased and orthodox majority.  Nevertheless, I shall try to present some views which I think I would have presented if the aforementioned debate had actually taken place.


Teenage. The golden years. Where a crush can last from 0.25 seconds to about a 107 years and a single minute delay in getting a reply can break a year-long relationship. A lot of people wouldn’t mind being free of all the responsibilities and restrictions love entails; and that would have been fine, had we not been introduced to the concept of love in the first place and carried on our lives as attachment-less human beings.

But, is it not the dream of almost every girl to be swept off her feet by the proverbial knight in shining armour? And, now that we are very much aware of this powerful force and some or the other aspect of our lives is affected by it, can we afford to let go of it? That, my friends, boils down to a very simple (read difficult^1000) ‘To be or not to be’ situation.

Some describe love as ‘the most amazing feeling in the world’ and others, a passing fancy, prolonged obsession or affection. A stepping stone to a higher calling or even something that always ends in disappointment to make them realize how futile material things in life are.

Like feelings are material. Pah!



Irrespective of its meaning and however minute it may be, love does have some role to play in almost everyone’s lives. Fruitful, unrequited, or transient. Whichever form it may be in, love does find a cranny somewhere or the other. You might say here are people who have always been unlucky in love – being hurt multiple times, they would forego another chance to fall in love.

Some might show otherwise, but in the core of their hearts, they’d grab that chance like a chameleon grabs a fly. They say it always hurts more to have and lose than to not have in the first place. But then, to have at all, is a completely different feeling in its own. And to have, even for a little while, can change you and your life in more ways than you can imagine.


For instance, a friend of mine got rid of her blemishes after getting into a relationship (it ended badly but hey! no skin problems)! And a guy in my class started brushing his teeth more often. No, no scientific studies prove that these were direct results of falling in love but it’s what you choose to believe (there might be, but I’m too lazy to research).

And, of course, a life full of love is always eventful. Yes, you might get hurt, again and again; you might have major setbacks, but you WILL get through them, after all, ‘Great things take time’. And, I must say, this house shall smash that bottle of potion and run it down the drain.



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