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It is not uncommon to find science students aspiring to study in IIT. They spend a fortune in coaching and study for 2 years or more with full dedication to crack JEE Advanced, the ticket to the institute.

Due to cut-throat competition, however, many students are not able to make it. And then there are some, like me, who just don’t want to pursue a career in engineering.

What a lot of students don’t know is that clearing JEE is not the only way to get into an IIT. You can pursue your Masters after clearing JAM or Ph.D. after clearing NET/GATE/JEST or M.Tech. after GATE. Now, even students from non-science backgrounds can get into IITs, since courses like MBA, and social sciences are also offered.

So, there is no one path to this destination. I got in after clearing JAM to pursue a Master’s in Chemistry. I took admission in 2020 (yes, the doomed year!) and due to COVID, we weren’t called to the campus for one whole year. So, I finally visited my college on the 5th of August, more than one year after admission and the experience was, to sum it up, awesome!

Life In IIT Delhi As A Student

The campus is huge and has lush gardens, where we can chill and relax. It is so huge that even after multiple visits, I haven’t been able to explore it in its entirety. There are cycles and electric bikes that we can ride to roam around. They are chargeable on a per-minute basis.

The must-click picture when you first visit the campus
iit delhi student
The main building, as seen from the main entry road

I wanted to visit the library first, but unfortunately, a major area was closed due to COVID restrictions. We could mainly access the reading area only, where we could sit and study. You will find many students engrossed in UPSC books. Also, the view from there is mesmerizing.

iit delhi student
My friend posing in front of my favorite place, the library
The library

Now, let’s talk about what really matters – food! IIT Delhi has a staff canteen, where you get items like Chhole bhature, Veg thali, chowmein, etc at nominal prices. Before COVID, there was much more variety in the canteen. There is a dedicated juice corner where you can drink fresh fruit juices too.

There is the Indian Coffee House just upstairs, where you get amazing South Indian food.

iit delhi student
Lunch with our professor at Indian Coffee House

Then, there is the Amul parlor very close to the main building. Here, you can get icecreams, sandwiches, patties, muffins, and beverages. There are benches around where you can chill with your friends. This is the ultimate place to hang out after a tiring day.

Our food – it was delicious, needless to say

So, food-wise IIT has got you covered! But, if you still feel that something’s missing, you can always visit the SDA market which is right in front of the main campus gate. The market is known for its wonderful cafes and street food like momos and gol gappe.

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All amenities are inside the campus only. There is a pharmacy and a hospital too. There is a swimming pool, a badminton court, a football field, and a basketball court too.

IIT Delhi Hostels

Now, I am a day scholar but most of my classmates are residing in hostels, and I can proudly say that IIT Delhi hostels don’t fit in the bracket of typical Indian hostels that you hear about. Let me give you a glimpse of the boys’ hostel Udaigiri.

iit delhi student
This one hostel room is better than my entire house
iit delhi student
Hostel corridor
iit delhi student
Hostel area

The mess food is also pretty decent. Daal here is not a synonym for water, so that tells you a lot about it.

Here are some more pictures from the campus:

A proud IIT Delhi student

The workload is a lot! Every week, we get multiple assignments, there are periodic tests, and lab work is rigorous. But, it is all worth it when you get to study in an institute as esteemed as IIT Delhi.

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