One of the direst consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown is unemployment. Businesses collapsed, several people lost their jobs, and many had to face pay cuts.

Amidst this, a bizarre application notice by IIT Delhi for the post of ‘dog handler’, offering a whopping salary of Rs. 45,000 per month, had to create buzz.

IIT Delhi’s Bizarre Notification For The Post Of Dog Handler

On 26th August 2020, IIT-D released an official notification inviting applications for the non-academic position of Dog Handler. It is a full-time, contractual job at the security office at their campus.

IIT-D’s official notification for the position of Dog-Handler

The absurd elements in this notification were the unusual eligibility criteria and salary. Usually, for such positions, the minimum educational qualification is 10+2. However, the official notification stated “B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/B.Tech or any equivalent undergraduate degree” as the eligibility criteria.

The other requirement was that the applicant must own a four-wheeler so that the visits of the dog to the veterinarian would not be hampered. 

The cherry on top was the insanely huge salary for this position. These days when even professionals are struggling to make ends meet on low salary-packages, IIT-D announced a maximum salary of Rs 45,000 for this position.

It is more than what an average engineer gets at the very beginning of the job. Imagine handling a furry friend pawl the time and getting paid for that! It is, undoubtedly, a dream come true.

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Reaction Of Netizens

We witnessed mixed reactions on social media around this incident. While a few people were amused, many others were disappointed in the unusual eligibility criteria.

How IIT-D Responded

The authorities at IIT Delhi were quick to respond as soon as the matter was unearthed. The IIT-D Director V. Ramgopal Rao said that they seek a Bachelors’s degree in veterinary sciences. The mention of other degrees was a mistake. 

IIT Delhi stated, “A fresh process in due course will be initiated to hire a consultant (on purely contract basis) with the suitable minimum qualification required for the job profile that involves proper care of a large number of stray dogs on the campus (providing them medical aid like vaccination, medicine, IV drip, etc. and food), handling of issues and challenges relating to stray dogs, liaison with campus community- students, employees, construction workers, etc, local government bodies and NGOs”.

The trolls only stopped after this clarification was provided. 

This incident is evidence of the extreme boredom that people are going through during lockdown. It seems like trolling is the only option people resort to when there is nothing relevant to do.

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