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Let’s talk about the manifestos!!






A day past yesterday I met an uncle of mine whom I consider quite learned. The election season   somewhere ignited the hidden debaters in all of us. He said, “If Modi wins, the country is surely gonna be in safe hands.” However, when I asked him what his party’s promises are, he was quiet. You may call it ‘The Modi Magic’ here but the fact is that he was unaware of the ideas of the party. Actually, how many of us really think about the same? The truth is that it is not the ‘promises’ we vote for, we just bank upon the person and the party. Is this a right practice for the world’s largest democracy?

 A manifesto can influence the mind and soul of the voter. It is an official statement asserting the ideas and thoughts of different political groups. It helps the political parties to address the issues when they are in power. However, do parties rely on what they actually promise in their manifestos or  are they just busy in spending crores on their TV commercials and newspaper advertisements?

 Talking about the media, it hardly pays any attention to what parties actually manifest. All they can do is talk about the controversial ‘thappad thing’, ‘the anti -Hindu remarks’, ‘the personal statements of the politicians’ for all day long. BJP unveiled its manifestos, nationally and regionally, weeks after the other parties. Is the party relying wholly on the ‘MODIMANTRA’? Who needs a manifesto when they have a live model of development to guide them! I think this is something the saffron party is trying to project. I am not an ‘anti BJP’ or ‘anti Congress’ person but yes, there is little message to all the young voters like me.

 People! Go exercise your vote, enjoy your democratic right, do no sit at home on the day of elections, but please be a well-informed voter. Cast your vote for the one who promises and fulfils them. We, as voters, do not want to know what all is happening in the ‘election ghamasaan’. We want the promises to be fulfilled and for that, we need to know what their affirmations are. We would like to know what you think of our ‘development’ and not that of your party!!


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