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12th April 2014.The clock struck 10.

Kapil and Modi stood against each other. And the race began…

Ohhoo,don’t be surprised, you didn’t miss any chunk of news!!!

This race between the two most entertaining personalities was to enter our drawing rooms…On one side it was ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ while on the other was Modi’s interview with Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’.

In my case, undoubtedly, Modi won the race. Who won it in yours?

Well, if you missed Modi’s TV outing then here it is a glimpse of what our prime ministerial candidate NaMo promised India.

Should minorities fear Modi?

Well Modi has promised that minorities need not fear him at all. He believes in ‘All are Indians and all are equal’. Thus our very own rockstar will inculcate this in every Indian. Hope it works out well…Good luck NaMo!!

Corruption karne walo, janata maaf nahi karegi!!

This was exactly NaMo’s take on acts of corruption in India. Under his rule corruption would be dealt with a firm hand and he would not allow plundering of the nation’s wealth under his watch.

Mr. Modi, mark your words…Hope it does not turn out to be the other way round!

Are women safe?

One of the reasons why BJP’s manifesto was criticized was because it didn’t mention anything about the safety of women in India. So here is Modi’s take on the issue. He assured the women of India that they would be absolutely safe. Quoting the example of Gujarat where young girls ride their bikes in the middle of nights during Navratri festival, he said, ‘India would definitely be a safe place’. And if it was possible in Gujarat, it would be possible everywhere in India.

Great tidings, right??

Muslims, beware?

Should Muslims be scared of Modi? This has been one of the biggest questions since Modi has come into the political picture this season. Well, the comforting statement of Modi has won a million smiles and a million hearts-“I believe that if a Muslim child has the Quran in one hand then he should also have a computer in another”.

However Modi’s take on the issue seemed vague.


Amid huge promises, what Modi enjoyed the most was ridiculing the Congress and its ‘chowkidaars’.

‘Jab pura desh Congress ki mauj le raha hai to humare Modi ji peeche kaise reh jate’. (When the entire nation is laughing at the Congress how Modi could remain quiet.)

Blaming the Congress of spewing poison in India since years he added ‘Their problem is that a chaiwala is trying to become the prime minister of India’.

Whatsoever, one thing that Modi needs to be applauded and commended for is his intellect. His sparkling wit won countless cheers and applauses round the nation. He answered each question with ease but the interview could have been more appealing if the rapturous audience had not been so annoying. Their constant chants of ‘Modi!  Modi!’ were just too irritating and gave the feeling of a Modi rally instead of an Adalat.

Well, we just hope that he lives up to the expectations of every Indian and does not become another ‘Kejriwal’.

This Modi wave seems unstoppable. This Modi tsunami will take away a million hearts.

So the scenario is like-

“Twinkle twinkle little stars, abki baar modi Sarkaar

Rahul Gandhi ne khayi chocolate bar, abki baar modi Sarkaar

Parathon ke saath khao achaar, abki baar modi Sarkaar

Dil ka bhawar kare pukar, abki baar modi Sarkaar

Sonia ji ne Manmohan se kaha ab to apna moun tod do sardar, abki baar modi Sarkaar.”

Definitely ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’. What do you say?

Ahh, just wait a second please; Modi has left a message for the youth too.

He Said ‘I am a person who never dreamt of becoming anything but of doing something. And I tell the youth don’t dream of becoming anything, you should always dream of doing something’

Wanna follow this?

All in all Modi just nailed it. Modi emerged victorious.

Modi is a rockstar. He will rock it.

Let’s just wait and watch.




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