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By setting a record breaking “first time voters” at the General election 2014, the youths today are demonstrating that they want the change and also they realize that they do play a very crucial role in bringing the change. With the demographic dividend of India where the majority of population are youths, their voice and their wants cannot be ignored, which is realized by both the people in power and the people who are going to be in power. This is the time for us to act and do what others could not do.



What I believe is it is not enough to just choose the right candidate and expect them to work in an appropriate way. Even if they do, even if the new government turns out to meet our expectations, it is just not enough.The change will be brought only when there is change at the grass root level and that grass root level is the people of the country. Along with the people in power, we ourselves have made a lot of mistakes which has brought our nation to this stage. When we demand the government to improve, we should not be ignorant of drawbacks in our own selves.As the youths of the nations we do have the power, capability and vigor to drive the change by taking few simple steps in our day to day lives. We can show the people around us the right way of doing things. I would like to point out few things we should do in our lives to develop that attitude which will take all of us forward:

1. The first and the foremost, corruption is not one man game; both the parties are equally responsible for it. Accept it or not, we all once in our lifetime have definitely tried to bribe someone for something or the other. It can be as trivial as bribing the watchman of our hostel to allow us to go out late night, the peon or professor to increase our attendance or even by buying somebody else’s project work for our own purpose. These might seem to be some very petty issues but these are the very acts that inculcate the habit of using shortcuts which takes a larger form of corruption as we grow up and as the benefits are a lot bigger. Do not entertain or indulge in any of these.

2. Do not keep quite if you see something wrong around you. We have had enough; we tolerated a lot more than we should have which has finally led to dramatic increase in crime rates. Ladies, if you find some boys eve-teasing you, report it immediately to the police, that is what will shut them up there only otherwise there have been instances when things have taken an uglier form.

3. We are going to be the future managers, scientists, doctors, engineers, leaders etc. We are the one who will drive our economy. We have had enough of the “Chalta hai attitude”. Look out for the perfection; give your best in everything you do. You grow and the nation will grow with you. Give a tough competition to the world and show them that we Indians are no less.

4. Be competitive but be a healthy competitor. Most of us are taught that there are very few opportunities and many takers, which in turn leads us to an attitude wherein our focus is not on developing ourselves instead  we end up focusing on how to bring our competitor down. We end up being envious of them and alot of our time and energy is wasted on it. Remember time is crucial, we cannot just get it back; divert your time and energy to where it is needed. Create your own opportunities. Also help others to grow, make it a continuous process and spread positivity around you.

5. And finally, give respect and get respect. Respect not just your elders but each and everybody around you irrespective of age, gender, caste, religion etc. It is not very uncommon when we were allowed not to comment and keep quiet, or our opinion were not taken into consideration just because we were thought to be too young to be involved. Though experience does make a difference but realize that each and every individual is different and brings with them different ideas. Give everybody a chance to speak, we never know they might present a perspective that we never thought of.


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These are just few of the many acts we can do in our day to day lives. Find out your own ways wherein you can improve. Stop just demanding rather start acting as well. We have immense capability in us, utilize that full potential, stretch yourself and grow and the nation will grow with you.



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