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Last Semester: To Survive Or Not To Survive? That Is The Question


By Ayesha Bashir

It is that time of the journey where you’re bidding goodbye to an institution, to your college life, but you can’t even be sad, cause you got 9800 assignments, 678900 research papers, 7489 presentations and much more to finish if you want that degree of yours and don’t even get me started on attendance please.

Read further and see if you can relate.

  1. LoR (Letter of Recommendation) Hunt! : The worst kind of hunt in my opinion. Finding out the teachers who might be generous enough to grant you with it, is a real task, especially when you’ve been a pain in the ass for most of them (don’t deny it, even you know it’s true). Some are way above all the drama though, so shout to all those awesome teachers who do it, even if they don’t remember your name, cause they’re just too wise in life :’) Anyway this is legit one important thing for most final years and when you do get it, it’s kind of a big deal (trust me I’ve seen people celebrating :/).


  1. Internals can be injurious to health: You literally enter your last semester, blink, click one group selfie and bamm! Internal month is here. I mean what even? I hadn’t even edited my holiday pics yet and I have to present 3 research papers, 2 assignments, fight with a dino, climb Mt Everest and what not in like 4 days -.-


  1. Aage ka bhi sochna hai: Juggling between your present and future is one difficult thing, it’s more like a threesome where you’re trying to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied (yea yea, images I know. Relax!). Coaching and entrances add on to the burden of everything else and I’m too damn sure there must have been a time, even for like 5 minutes where you went ‘It’s not that bad to just get married after college and take care of your spouse, after all someone will have to look after the house too’ and no it’s not in reference to just one gender, calm yo balls.


  1. Let’s to everything we didn’t in the past 3 years, in these 3 months: All of a sudden a gazillion plans are made. Visit that café, go for a picnic, go for a day trip, a holiday with ze buddies, a long due photo shoot for which you’ve been pestering that photographer friend, concerts that somehow never go as planned and so on and so forth. Accept it guys, these plans just don’t work out and you all end up going to that same place where you’ve been going to since like childhood (not literally dude), even though their food poisoned you once and even though they charge money for caviar while serving you wada paav, YOU WILL STILL END UP THERE.

  1. Last of everything: The last semester is all about being emotional and crying over Bollywood movies and songs of friendship and college life. Suddenly there’s a spurt of everything being ‘the last..’ Last holidays, last summer In college, last winter, last Holi, last fest, last class photo, last assignment, last birthdays and much much more, trust me, much more :/ It is all saddening, though, letting it all go, but sometimes you just need to chill on the hormones.

  1. Bhai attendance? Wo kya hota hai?: Remember that time when attendance actually mattered? Yes, that was the first year my friend and now I’m sure even if your frequency of attending is less than that bug, which bothers your classmates, you still don’t give two f***s about keeping up with the required target.

Why? Well because you can, that’s why.

You just can’t do it, even if you’re into Nike and shit (see what I did there? Did you see?.. ksorry then).

The point is you know, you have that confidence that you’re not the only one. You have 30 more kids backing you in this, including that one studious kid who came to college even on holidays (we all have that kid). This is because everyone has to deal with all that I just said and friend that ain’t gonna happen if you sit in college from sunrise to sunset. I hope someone explains this to our teachers, though.


Well, that’s that, my opinion on what I think last semester is all about. I’m sure there’s definitely more to this, so feel free to share your experiences and also to let me know if you think you don’t agree with me (how dare you?.. just kidding!)

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